back again scared sorry.

i know you ladys have give me so much advice and hope but i just cant help my self im so worried. got my emergency scan tomoro. iv been sleeping in day feel so tied but mainly to get rid of the pain iv no bleeding at all but have burning severe cramps in my tummy all over its so bad and lower back ach iv suffered all week and not taken painkillers because doctor said there bad for baby. im just so scared it feels really burny im just not holding much hope out for tomoro image. i aint got urine infection because it dont hurt when i pee so dont know whats going on but i can barly walk bottom half my body hurts. X. anyone know what could be.


  • dont know if this helps but ive a bad back and it effects my front and gives me cramp type feelings around my tummy its cuased by my shoulders and my hips good luck xxxx
  • Hiya - you dont have to have pain when you wee to have a bladder infection. This would explain all your symptoms. However, i can understand you being very worried and stressed but i really hope that everything is fine and that all you need is some antibiotics. Goodluck fro tomorrow xxx
  • never thought about a bladder infection il def mention my symptoms and bladder infection see what they say. x
  • You are safe to take paracetemol all throughout pregnancy honey. I know it's not much, but better than nothing! Fingers crossed for you xx
  • paracetemol is absolutely fine and how about a hot water bottle(not too hot though) for your back.
    drink plenty of fluids just in case is a wee infection and stay in bed til then.
    Take care hun and really thinking of you
    Filo x
  • i second the not having burning pee with uti hun i had one and i had tummy cramps and just felt uncomfortable but not burning pee. the lack of blood now is a good sign hun keep us posted and dont be sorry its what we here for xxx
  • I don't really know what to say that can help. Just wanted to write in and say good luck and that I'll be thinking of you xx
  • Hi, I've had uti's with burning, but after I had my son I had one which needed antibiotics but I had no burning at all. I really hope all goes well tomorrow xxx
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