Multi Vitamins Help!!!

I am 10 plus 3 PG. I have just read a disturbing article about how multi vitamins containing vitamin A can cause all kinds of birth defects. I have been taking them since I found out I was PG. I am now obviously worried sick as I thought I was doing the right thing. Has anyone else done this and not had problems?


  • Hi Ann,
    I'm afraid I haven't heard anything about Vit A being bad during pregnancy, but have just had a look at my pregnancy mulit vits (Biocare Ante-Natal Forte) and they don't include Vit A - first time I've noticed.
    I'm sure you will be absolutely fine, but I'd call your doc/midwife just to make sure - and I suggest that perhaps you change to a multi vit especially for pregnancy just to be on the safe side.
  • If they are antenatal vitamins they will have no or very low Vit A levels. If they weren't then I would stop and have a quick chat with you doctor/ midwife - if they believe there is any cause for concern they will refer you for extra scans.
    Don't worry too much though - remember our parents were told to eat loads of liver as they used to think it was good in pregancy.
  • Thanks for replies. Am worried sick as this is my last chance for a baby as Im 41. Had mc 2 yrs ago, my daughter is 8 now and that is the full extent of my fertility!
  • Don't worry yourself sick - speak to someone - that is what healthcare professionals are there for. Have you had a scan yet?
  • No.
    Had my first appt with midwife yesterday. Scan will be 3 or 4 weeks away
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