Hi Mummies,
This seems like a strange post to be typing as im 34+2 but iv bin suffering with wat i can only describe as morning sickness all day. Its the same horrible feeling i had in those first few weeks and not only has it really supressed my appitite (hardly eaten all day) but i feel like absolute crap. Iv not actually been sick and i think thats wat making it worse its just the horrible feeling and gaging at everything.

Is it normal to experience something like this so late on? I though id left all that behind at 12wks, boo hoo. This along with some very uncomfortable braxton hicks makes me think this baby isnt gona give me as easy last few weeks. Does anyone have any advise or experience of this? Kerry xxx


  • I had sickness until week 14/15 but was never sick, just felt it all day. Then at week 25/26 it came back but only last for about a fortnight. I was so upset as I thought I was over it.

  • Why cant pregnancy just be simple and the same for everyone, it would make life soooo much easier, lol. Kerry xxx

  • I know! I have started with braxton hicks in the last week and my back has started aching. I thought I was escaping the back ache, but no, it found me!

  • My midwife & consultant have both told me to expect to be sick towards the end.... apparently if your sick at the beginning your more likely to suffer at the end as well :\( Back to the ginger biscuits for you then!! Not that I envy you, I can't eat a ginger nut now without retching cause I associate them with vomiting!!

    I'm 16+3 now and although I'm no longer being sick I still have moments where I feel sick, so have full sympathy for you ((( hugs )))

    Hope you feel better soon xxx
  • HI Kerry sorry you are feeling shit, I had the same thing around your stage but it only lasted about a week so fingers crossed it won;t be long to you start to feel a little more normal again (if there is such a thing as normal during pregnancy, lol) Tammi xxx

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