just been told ive got SPD

Hi I'm 23wks pregnant with my second child although there is a 9yr gap between them both. Ive been experiencing lower abdo pain and told my consultant yesterday and after examining me he said I have SPD...I'm gutted. This is my 6th pregnancy with only one child to show from it, unfortunatly when i found out I was pregnant my husbands reaction wasn't very good and i nearly went down a road that i would have never forgiven myself for.
My husband has now come round and is very excited which is fantastic, but after the very traumatic begining to this pregnancy i can't help but feel sorry for myself and i know thats so pathetic. I've just sat here crying reading peoples experiences of SPD, at the moment i'm just experiencing pain when i walk any kind of distance and the last 2 nights have been particulary difficult to try to get sleeep due to pain. I would be so grateful if anyone can offer me any tips or advice especially on trying to gets some sleep at night as i still work full time. :cry:


  • Has your consultant referred you to physio.. I was diagnosed with this last week and I know how you feel.. I couldnt lift my feet of the floor last week...

    Advice is available on this site.. also try baby-gaga.com.. I found this useful...

    The physio has told me not to weight bear including walking for more than 10 minutes at a time and to rest often... to be quite honest basically all you can do is sit and not do nothing.. hoovering and pushing shopping trolleys can agivate the problems... if you havent been refered yet, sen me and email address for your self and I will copy the sheets for you which I was given yesterday...

    And take it especially easy

    Lisa x
  • sorry I got the above website wrong it is www.i-am-pregnant.com sorry
  • Hi Lisa, thanx fof that i will look up the website, i have been refered to the physio but have been told there is a waiting list. My boss is already peeved with me as im off sick at the moment , i;m hoping i can go back to some degree although i do work x3 13hr shifts!!!
  • Hi,
    You've probably read the messages ive posted in the other forums but heres a few tips.
    Dont go lifting anything heavy, not that you would whilst pregnant anyway but even washing loads can increase pain, try splitting the loads. At night put a pillow between your legs, it helps but wont stop the pain. Use a carrier bag to slide into the car with, keeping feet together, get in and out like a lady lol, same goes for getting in and out of bed. I know this is abit personal and tmi but even different sex postitions can hurt or cause more pain afterwards, guess that one is for trial and error! Avoid pushing trollys, vacuuming, sitting on the floor, standing for too long. Ironing is a killer!! Sit down when getting dressed, standing on one leg kills. Getting in and out of the shower/bath i read that someone used a dining chair to help them out, ive got a towel rail or radiator i use to help me get out of the shower. Rest as much as you can and if it is that you are really srtuggling to walk get back intouch with your physiotherapist and tell them you are really struggling to get about. Ive been on crutches for about 4 months now (im 34 weeks) and its no fun trying to get about, and as the head gets further down into the pelvis im finding the pain almost unbearable. The pain wont go but these few things just make it easier to avoid more pain. Get the doctor to write you a prescription out for pain killers. Co-codamol are usually prescribed but if you take them too often they aren't as effective.
    Hope this helps you :\)

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  • Hi again... I am surprised that they said that as you are pregnant and this is quite a condition that you have. I tried to get appointment last tuesday to see a dr and they wouldnt go near me and when I finally got hold of mw she told me to go to the labour ward to get checked over.. They send a verbal referal through to the physio and she phoned me next day and I had my appointment yesterday... It is a different department you see, well is at mine anyways... maybe you should give mw a ring but debs has given some good advice there... also do gliding walking... I was shown this yesterday and it does help slightly with the pain...lol..
  • Think it all depends on where you live. I had to get a written refferal from my GP, after i told her that the MW told me to go and see her about having SPD. Was already on my records though as having it last pregnancy. But even so, it took about 3 weeks until i got to see the physiotherapist.
    lol TigerFeet you just reminded me of how i walk, looking like an old lady! Just recently though ive been kind of dragging my left foot behind because it hurts so bad to walk even on crutches image
  • well i said it worked... but that was short distances.. walked a way today and I am now in bed in agony.. dont think it too much to do with th belt though just think i over did it...

    i suppose mine may have also been quick as I was admitted to labour ward for tests i didnt see gp.. i dont know, but it all makes up for having a useless mw...lol... not much consalation though when u are having to wait so long to see someone
  • Hi joanne,

    sorry to hear that you have been suffering rather bad by sounds of it...

    I must admit I was surprised when I had a phone call the following morning after my referral but everyone else seems to have to wait...

    Like I said I dont know if it cause I phoned the community mw and they told me to go in to the labour ward to get checked over cause of the way I described the pain... I said I was having low abdominal/low tummy pains... they had me in like a shot....

    I know it sounds awful but maybe it would be worth phoning your local labour ward and say you are suffering really bad from low abdominal pains. you are so many weeks pregnant and you have suspected pre eclampsia... dont want to say def do it incase they keep you in for ever more and a day for monitoring.... but def worth a go...

    All physio will do is give you a belt and advise on how to do things which is widely available on net and advise already given by debs on ere....

    I dont know how much private physio costs a bit expensive I think...

    Good luck with what ever you choose

    Lisa x
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