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Jeep shopper 6 travel system plus accessories. 149.99

Hi this is realy a post for nezy and mikayla as i didnt want to interupt Mrs. E topic. felt a bit rude.

Basicaly thanks mikayla for your post about it being cheaper in argos it is the same one, so you just asaved me a hundred quid, and i even emailed the website as they were saying it was the cheapest price i would find. so the now have to remove the slogan from the website. lol
Dont want another mum being conned.

Anyway, to NEZY i was just wondering what you ment by the car seat being too small, i thought it was suitable for 0-13kg????? Your advice would be great as you already have one.

ANyone else thinking of buying jeep travel system or have better ideas, i would be glad to know!!!


  • Hiya chick, Glad its the same one! Crazy how mothercare can charge so much more! "Bec n bump" Has already bought this pram and says its great! x
  • really im so glad. i was looking everywhere and even though i have an argos catalogue right in front of me, i forgot to see what they had. lol

    but its the only one i've really liked doh, there were some that were o.k but the jeep stood out.
  • Yeah i set my heart on it as soon as i seen it. And argos was first place i looked! x
  • hi there, i dint get the car seat with the pushchair as holly was nrly 15mths so dint need it. i got it out me mums grattans catalouge it was only 99.99 with out car seat, and its the same as the one in argos!! can say its the best 1 i av ad by far. if u need any more info dont hesitate to ask!!:lol:
  • tanks alot. its my first choice as I find alot of travel systems seem to look so boring and bulky, but this one is different. its great to know you have it nezy its helped us make our minds up, as everytime i thought yea i want the jeep one, j came up with another. but we are def getting the jeep. lol
  • Hi i'm from January forum and noticed you talking about Jeep travel system, i have bought it for my lo and want to take her out in it today-is it me or are the holes in the footmuff bit in the wrong place - am i just doing it wrong???

  • realy well i think only one of us actaully have a baby to put in it yet and thats nezy so maybe she knows. i havent bought mine yet waiting until house is done up before i buy the big stuff. dnt want them getting mucked in dust etc.

    Nezy do you have the footmuff extension part??
  • Hi there, no sorry i havent, i dint get the footmuff when i bought the pushchair av just been looking into buying it but avent botherd cos Holly wont keep her feet in em!!!
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