so tired!

sory just wanted a rant!

I am so tired and just cant sleep! It's like my body just refuses to shut down.
I have had the most tiring week, im 20 weeks today, ive got an 18 month old son, am doing a degree, work and run the house as my partner works long hours and to top it all off i fell down the stair on wednesday and im in absolute agony now, so feeling even worse and cant get comfortable at all cause ive bruised all my back, neck and arm!

I just want to curl into a ball and disappear!

God what a soft sod i am, im really feeling sorry for myself lol Is anyone else feeling like this? i had so much energy with my first pregnancy and i havent got any with this one. Then again i didnt have a little one to run round after.

Hope your all feeling better than me

beck and pink bump x


  • Hey!!

    I'm having a girl too. And as for being tired. What do you say to work when your really tired and just want to sleep? Cause I could have really done with a day in bed and just slept cause my bf and I have this habit of waking up at silly hours of the morning and then get tired and sleepy when we need to get up.

    I dont know what to tell work in situations like that. I mean if we all call in to say we are tired no one will ever work. And I always said that when pregnant I wont be sitting around feeling sorry for myself. And now look at me.

    I go on maternity leave in 6 weeks. I'm 28 weeks today. I will be sleeping all the time when I'm home. Or so she says anyway!!
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