Why do i look slimmer today?

Im 11+6 and today i dont seem to have any bump or bloating!! Actully feel quite slim image

Im abit worried now ...

Is this normal xxxxxx


  • Hiya,
    Dont worry about it - your uterus doesnt actually come up out of your pelvis until after around 6 weeks. I never suffered with any of the bloating and didnt actually start to gain any weight until around 14 weeks and then didnt gain any more until around 26 weeks - started showing around then.

    Its totally normal - everyone is different.

  • im hoping its gone down and then will pop out out of no where lol!!!!

  • You are probably slimmer today BECAUSE you are less bloated!! Like MrsS said - at 11 weeks, the bump isn't caused by the baby (it's everything else getting pushed up) so really dont worry - and enjoy being able to wear your old jeans while you can! image
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