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Pregnancy Weight Gain.

I saw some friends a few days ago who I haven't seen for a while and while I have my bump they all complimented me on how little weight I've gained anywhere else.

Rather then be delighted this has concerned me as I am 23 weeks tomorrow and have put on half a stone.. nearly. (10st previously) I don't usually weight myself so hadn't really paid attention until it was pointed out to me.

I'm still suffering from morning sickness, and have never gotten my appetite back but have been eating more then when I was REALLY suffering with morning sickness.

Bump is nicely sized btw, and baby is nice and active, She's my first. I know it sounds like a stupid thing to be worried about but I'd rather struggle to lose the weight after the baby then her not get the things she needs but I stay skinny and never question it.

Little concerned that I should have put more weight on, I'm basically the exact same size and shape except with bump, was/is anyone else the same? I'm concerned it's a sign of something I need to speak to midwife about but it's not the easiest thing to google so I'm a bit stumped.

Thank you in advance.


  • hi, i am 20 weeks and have only put on 3.5lbs. got a bump that is showing a little but people havr commented that i dont look pregnant.x
  • I'm 25+3 and so far have put on 9lb and thats all bump. People have commented that my face, legs and waist are all a wee bit slimmer. at 16 weeks I was still the same weight as BFP.

    I was a size 14 pre preg, mostly hips than tum though and have ended up in size 12 maternity bottoms because 14 is way too baggy on my legs and bum! As long as you are eating sensibly I really wouldn't worry about it. I just eat when I am hungry and try to keep it as healthy as possible, with the occasional treat when baby wants of course ;\) xx
  • Sorry, I'm g/c, but one of my friends was the same - even at 32 weeks, if you saw her from behind, you would't know she was pregnant as she was so tiny - all bump and no fat at all. Anyway, she now has a 22 month old, perfectly healthy little girl! She was a healthy birth weight and has been healthy ever since.

    Hope this helps!
  • I piled weight on with my first, (ds) and this time, I have had comments from family and friends saying I look like my face and chubby bits have slimmed down.
    I don't mind tbh... need all the help I can get!

    If baby is measuring ok, active and hb sounds good, then there isn't much you can do, short of stuffing your face with junk food! But then that won't be good for either of you!

    I would maintain a healthy diet, throwing in the odd treat and enjoy looking fabulous! xx
  • Thanks all I feel much better, I thought I might be at least 11st by now, and I know my little ones ok because of all her jumping and bumping! But part of me assumed pregnancy would mean weight gain. Thank you again. X
  • hi,

    im due on saturday and lost weight all the way through until about 32 weeks before i put any of it back on and im now only about 8 or 9lbs heavier than what i was at the start and havent put weight on anywhere else other than my bump....i was still in my own clothes at 32 weeks and bump pretty neat but midwife never been concerned about babies size and i have had a few private growth scans for reassurance and all have been well...all i have had is comments on how small i am and how i dont look about to drop etc etc i am a bit worried baby will be small but i just have to trust the midwife...we all grow at different rates and everyones bodies work differently as well...from the back you cant tell im pregnant just the front and side....

  • I have put on 3 stone! at 35 weeks, and it's ALL on the bump. I've still got my wee skinny legs and tiny boobs (so disappointing - no boob growth for me!) and my face is not the way it goes when I've actually put weight on normally, if you get me. My baby is on the 95th centile at growth scans, so not small, I think the proportion of your body ie where the fat grows must be a very very individual thing.
    T 35+5 xx
  • hi, with ds i put on 2lb up til i was 30weeks, when suddenly it piled on and in total think i put on 3stone, but all of that was in the third trimester....this time round i've lost 7lb so far, but i am massively overweight this time (not had any sickness so its not that). ur metabolism does actually speed up when pregnant as well. if baby is emasuring fine then don't worry, and baby will take everything from u before u egt a look in, iyswim? so if u weren't eating enough it would be u that suffered not long as ur eating a well balanced diet averaging 2000calories a day u've ntohing to worry about, u only need an extra 200 calories in the last trimester and thats it. also a lot of women who 'put on weight' else where on their bodies it tends to be mainly water retention. don't worry, and be proud of what a fab 'all in the right place' bump u have xx
  • Hay hun

    This time i have lost 9lb and have stayed at that weight so far....
    With my son i gained 4st and ate everything lol this time i have been so sick and careful i am hoping to not gain much xxx
  • With my first baby I put on 2 stone!!!! image
    Two days after I gave birth I stepped on the scales and had lost 2 stone 2 lbs... so it was ALL bump!! Have since put weight on again :roll: and went on a diet before falling pregnant a second time. I'm only 6+4 so haven't put any weight on yet, but hoping I won't gain anything other than in my bump this time.

    My friend just had a little girl and she didn't gain any weight other than her bump; its completely natural. Some women gain weight all over, others lose weight (if you discount the bump!) and others (like me first time round) only gain in the bump!
  • i didn't gain any weight until about 28 weeks so i'm sure it'll happen for you soon enough. if not then it's fine as long as your antenatal checks are all healthy.

  • Hi, im due this week, put on stone and a half ish, not really put on weight in the last few weeks as I thought i would.
    everyone carries differently, and everyone's bodies cope differently with pregnancy. im all bump and just about the same size apart from bump xx
  • there is so much variation hun please dont worry, your baby is growing well and active, and as long as u eat well he or she will get all they need. i am 20+1 and have gained 11lbs, its all different, and you were slim to begin with so please dont worry, enjoy it that ur healthy and wont have lots of excess fat to lose after-which remember, too much is bad for you and your blood presure etc.. enjoy ur preg xxx
  • Hia - I am 24 weeks and don't weigh myself so have no idea if i have put on actually weight - but i've lost fat if you know what i mean. I can tell in my face and arms and rest of my body that it is slimmer than it was - other people have commented on it as well. I basically look like a slimmer version of myself but with a bump lol. It's heaven!! Sure it won't last! I certainly haven't been trying to do it this way - i've pretty much eaten when I am hungry, whatever it is that i fancy at the time. Like you, decided to wrory about the weight later on.
  • hey babe try not to worry i was very concerned about this as still at 31+5 i am 1 stone lighter than i was when i got my bfp i have spoken to mw and said i was measuring fine even a little big so she sent me for a growth scan and baby girl is bang on average baby wll take what it need fom your body/fat stores so there is no need to worry count ur self lucky sweet.

    wity my ds i had gain 3st and this on have lost a sone so who knows lol
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