12 week scan

I am sure to have mine on wed. can I ask do they do the scan and let you know if there look like a high risk of downs and then you have the bloods down after that?

If they look at it and they think your a low risk do you still have to have the blood tests down and also what does the blood test tell you, it would say for sure will it if you will have a downs baby it will just put you in a rish factor thing right??

Me and hubby have kinda spoke about this and it would not matter to us at all if this was the case for us it would still be our little baby.



  • Hi K-Lou - if i remember rightly i was given a leaflet by the midwife about the triple test at my first appt and then we had to decide by our 3rd lot of bloods. we just did it and it all came back fine. i dont think its anything to worry about hun. if you dont want to have the test its your choice. the scan will be great for you hun. its just amazing seeing him/her kicking around in your tummy! x x
  • Hi K-lou,

    Different hospitals do things differently! At my 12 week scan i was offered a Nuchal Scan. This is where they measure the fluid at the back of the baby's neck. A high measurement can indicate a problem. Our baby's measurement was well within normal and we then had a blood test which gave us the final risk ratio (got results one week later) Luckily we are very low risk...but there's always a risk. These type of tests only give you a risk factor for a definate diagnosis you would need to have either and amnio or a CVS both of which only tend to be offered if you risk ratio comes out high (more than 1:250 i think)

    Hope this helps. It's good that you've talked about it with hubby. Enjoy you scan it's fab!

    Katstar xxx

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  • It's different everywhere I think. My scan is Thursday. It is automatically an NT test, and MW told me to get the bloods done a few days before, so I'm going this pm

    12+4 x
  • Thanks girls,

    Yeah my mw said I needed my booking in bloods done so we did that. Then she said I would have the Nuchal Scan done and then they offer you bloods after the scan to see the risk even more.

    I was told by my MW and the nurse at the hospital who did my bloods that I should always get the scan done first and then the bloods after?

    It's really confusing with different areas doing differnt things eh?

    K xx
  • Hi K,

    Wow only 2 days to go!

    As you know our local trsut doesn't offer 12 week scans and we chose not to have the NT at our private one.

    We were offered the triple test at 16 weeks but also turned that down as we knew even if it came back high risk we wouldnt have had an amniocentisis. Unless you have this invasive test you will never have a definitive answer (just a risk factor) so its worth deciding how much you would want to know.

    My midwife advised against the tests, unless we would have the amnio, to avoid the potential worry that comes with being diagnosed as high risk but not knowing for sure.

    Bec 24+3 x
  • Yeah thats the thing I know 100% I would not want the amniocentisis test done so like your MW said you would only worry if you knew you were at a high risk.

    Thanks for that girls will have a real good talk with hubby to make sure he still feels the same and then take it from there.

    I still cannot believe I am having this scan done I can't wait to see our little baby again. My cousin who is a 2months infront of me has just found out she is having a boy image

    K xx
  • Hiya sweetie, right, basildon hospital, you go up to the scan dept first, they do your scan, take all the measurements and show you your lovely little bubba. Then you are given your scan report (they stick it in to your white notes) then you have to go to the ante natal clinic to see the scan midwife, who will explain what the tests are for, give you an induction date (for just in case you go overdue) and then take your bloods. She told me that if there was a problem with the results they would be in touch within a few days, and if not you get a letter within 2 weeks. I got a letter within a week or so, and it just told me i was low risk, but not the exact risk factor if you know what i mean. Hope this helps!
    Oh, you'll also be given the date of your 20 week scan before you go down to the scan midwife, and make sure you take you 5 pound coins to pay for your pic! xxxxx
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