should i be worried?

beauitful baby


  • the lil' dude gets my vote!
  • what a cutie! x
  • im 6+4 and feel well(ish) apart from nausea and tiredness. I've had little niggles in my tum - not painful at all which i've put down to stretching. BUT on 3 occasions i've had the most miniscule amount of blood in my discharge hardly visible to the eye. it looks like a small thread of cotton a couple of mm's long and to be honest its not red, its that small i can't really tell what colour it is just that its darker than my discharge. I still feel quite positive (as i've mc in past) but should i be worried? xx
  • Hey hun,
    Firstly huge congratulations!! I wouldn't worry at all, it sounds completely normal.
    Amy xxx
  • hey if ur worried then talk to ur midwife i have got a early scan ( paid for one!) on wed just to put my mind at ease and i have no symptoms and i just want to know everything is fine. a lot of people have small amounts of bleeding on and off through pregnancy and have a healthy baby u will prob be one of them! have u had a scan yet? as u have had a m/c before u should get an early scan anyway xx
  • i know exactly how you feel. i dont even know how far gone i am anymore, im guessing about 6 weeks ish. iv had the same symptoms as you aswel, im tired and feel a little sick in the mornings but i think that might be because im very very hungry first thing. Iv also got quite sore and bigger boobs! lol

    i had a bit of a scare on sunday night. i was feeling quite emotional and worried about losing the baby. i went to the toilet and when i wiped it looked like it was tinted pink so i absolutely paniked and the next day i booked an appointment with the doctor. just before i went to the doctors there was like a bit of brown colour in my discharge.

    my doctor booked me in for a scan at the hospital. the scan showed a pregnancy sac and a yolk sac which was good. the scanner said everything looked ok so far but might be too early to see baby. i had an internal scan aswel but that didnt show a baby either so iv been booked in for another scan on feb 4th.

    i had another scare today though, i was at work and then i went to the toilet and there was like a brown discharge in my underwear and when i wiped. i had another scan and the doctor said that nothing bad appears to be happening but it is still very early but this is what he expects to see. he said that i should be able to see the baby in the next 2 weeks when i have my scan.

    i too experienced a miscarriage last year due to a complete molar pregnancy so every little thing scares the life out of me and i panic about it all so i know exactly how you feel.

    try not to worry about anything thats what im trying to do but i definately understand your concerns for it all.

    good luck!!

  • I had bleeding all through the first 11 weeks and I am now 26+4 and doing fine as you can tell by my avatar, lol.

    It sounds normal to me but I would see your GP anyway and sort out an early scan xxx
  • Thanks girls! im in right state now tho- went to the loo and when i wiped had a noticable amount of pink discharge. Midwife was useless when i phoned! sat here in tears - i don't wana lose another baby.
  • like i said, i had tinted pink when i wiped and at the moment everything seems to be ok. Just take it easy and rest and really really try to relax and not worry. i know its difficult and i need to take my own advice to. i will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us

  • thanks Lianne - things seem to be okay at the mo s'pose i'll just have to wait 4my scan at the end of feb. x
  • if you are concerned then i definately think you should make an appointment with your doctors and then ask them to book an early scan. even if you dont see the baby, it might still put your mind at rest knowing things are developing.

    AAll i could see at my scan was the pregnancy sac and the yolk sac but this has really put my mind at ease for now as last year when i miscarried i didnt have a yolk sac and i could see the pregnancy sac sort of disintegrating.

    I know it might be too early to see anything but it might help you to feel better about the bleeding rather then wait for a scan at the end of feb which is a very long time and could cause you unnecesary worry and stress.

    I reallly hope everything goes ok for the both of us

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