anyone at kingston currently

im being seen here at mo,what do you think of it? i have never been seen on time in the 4 mths i have been going there! what gets me is i ahvent even been asked about labour plans,birhing ect? and if im only seeing them at 34 wks,when the heck do i get asked?

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  • Hi,

    I am at Kingston Hosp. They've been good with me so far in the EPU and now in the main maternity section. The midwife was good, thorough but very quick!

    I have my 21 week scan booked in on Tues, hoping that the experience will be a good one.

    I have heard from people who have hed their babies at Kingston that is generally a good hospital, mainly as it is quite a newly built ward. But I have also heard that it is very very busy.

    Frankie x

    21 weeks
  • hi ya, yeah im 28 wks and there are very busy! they seem nice enough and the labour ward is spotless!!!! but i have had a few visits to them due to low lying placenta and the care wasnt great on some occasions,just generally not very attentive.BUT that said everyone experiene is different.
  • I will (hopefully) give birth at Kingston. I am having my antenatal else where as I live outside the area. That has all been ok so far. I have a scan tomorrow so i will ask about the birth plan etc for you and get back to you!!
    Little p
  • how was scan?x
  • Hi,
    Scan was fab thanks. I was told that the birth plan would be discussed at the 28 week appointment?? I am at Queen Marys for my antenatal and presume its the same antenatal structure for those at kingston all the way through? I must say the staff have been fantastic so far.
    There is a number you can call if you have any issues? It might be worth calling and asking? I have had some friends who have had babies there so i will also ask them
  • i had my 28 wk appt last friday and they didnt mentioned a thing! as im seen at kingston maybe they do things different,i dunno, glad your scan went well.

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