If you feel like a laugh girls, look no further!

Boy do i feel like a lemon!!!! I'd just got out of the bath and thought i'd have a listen to baby before putting my PJ's on, so i got my doppler out, laid down on the bed, and then realised DH's ipod earphones had got caught round the cord, so without sitting up i held it up to untangle it all. And dropped it!!! The corner of the doppler went straight in to my head, so OH is falling about laughing as i'm lying on the bed (naked) holding my head, and whn i took my hand away, I realised i've only gone and cut my head!!!! I have a cut and a big swollenlump on my eyebrow which makes me look like i've been punched! I'm not looking forward to the bruise, explaining that one is gonna be fun! I bet there's not many women who've cut their heads open with their doppler, clearly this is why midwives don't like us having them!! :lol: imageops: :lol:


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