crampy pains and lots of discharge sorry tmi!!)

hiya girls hope all bumps ok. Am 35 weeks 2mro getting crampy period pains on/off now for week or so and getting lots of discharge, Its normal colour, not offensive smelling, just increased (tmi sos!) just wondering if any of u got this towards the end? xx


  • I have it now hun. Its normal though, I spoke to my mw about it and she said not to worry.
  • me too, 33 weeks now. mentioned the period type cramps to mw and she siad its normal in late pregnancy (they're like right at the bottom of my bump and in the small of my back, does this sound the same?)
    i didnt mention the discharge to her as i've heard several times that its normal, i have just been using pantyliners to keep fresh!
    x x
  • Hi girls, same thing here although without the period pains, just lots of discharge. I have been getting really sharp pains inside if you know what I mean and the mw said that its my cervix starting to shorten! Thank god for pantyliners!
    Tammi xxx

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