My 1st Scan

Hey ya!

I had my first scan last tue which was so beautiful I wanted to write about it soon as I was so excited but didnt really have the chance too...

The baby was so active and was doing summersalts and rolly pollies around the place, I seen really clearly the little hands and fingers... my other half was quite overwhelmed and loved the whole experiance... it was quite difficult to get a clear picture as the baby was far too busy swimming around.

the radiorgrapher (sp) however was really uprupt just before we went in she had a row with another member of staff and was really snappy... she asked us about the down's test... when I asked what it involved she was really rude and gave little information! eventually she told me at first it was a blood test... then thru belly button ... she said quite bluntly well you can have an abortion if it is you know...

I looked at Simon and said I dont want it... he agreed and said that he didnt either.. there was no way i could have an abortion and I wasn't risking miscarriage with that needle... Simon said we'll love this child whatever... and I said firmly (with tears) I don't want to have the test! she was sooo rude about it and clearly simply couldnt understand our choice!!

It was a beautiful experiance together and Simon and I have become even closer since it but it feels like she has tainted it slightly!

I hope we dont have the same one for the next scan - she gave us one tiny picture because she couldnt get the matchine to work properly...

I normally am quite able to advocote on my own behalf I feel like I should of pulled her up over her attitude! I didn't even get her name... i really hope thats not her normal practice!

the midwife on the other hand was simply amazing! kind and thoughtful! xx


  • Thanks for sharing your story, sorry to hear about the radiographer - sounds like a right cow! how many weeks are you? x
  • My dating scan was a similar experience to yours it_must_be_love in that the lady who did the scan was really miserable and abrupt. I was unsure of dates because my cycle lengths were irregular so my mw sent me for a n early dating scan - hubby and I were so eccited about the scan but came out feeling rfeally deflated because of her bad attitude and feeling rushed through.

    She did the measurement really quickly and printed us a crappy quality picture and said "oh its just a bean" but the wasy she said it was like - i don't know why your acting this excited because its not a proper baby yet - I tried to talk to her about the dates because her date just didn't fit with when I knew we had sex but she just wasn't interested in listening or explaining.

    Fortunately I also went for a private NT scan and that was a completely different experience - it was with a consultant who was sooooooooo nice and helpful and friendly - hubby and I just couldn't stop grinning (still havent 3 weeks later!) - BTW that scan confirmed that MY dates were right image
    And he gave me loads of really good pics.

    I have an antenatal with my mw this weeks and I'm going to tell her about my bad experience because I really dont want the same woman at my 20 week scan.

    (if you don't know the name of yours dont worry as she should have written it in your notes)

    The other thing is to make sure you ask your mw about downs screening because the test through the tummy is a diagnostic test - not a screening test - most women have a screening and will only be offered a diagnostic if their screening result shows a high risk. Most NHS areas screen for downs by blood tests but some do a NT scan (which measures a fold of skin on bak of baby's neck) or (like me) you can pay for one privately (some NT scans combine the scan with a blood test taken at the same time - that's what I had). If you think you might want one of these its important you find out the details now because you need to be between 11 and 13+6 to have an NT scan. There are a couple of people on here who only found out about these options after it was too late.

    Best wishes 16+1
  • Wow, the scans are amazing aren't they!! I had scans at 6, 9 (both due to bleeding) and 20 weeks and they were all as amazing as each other.

    I refused the down's test as well and the midwife I had acted like I was being irresponsible!! She was like 'Riiight, okaaaay...' as if no-one had ever refused it and it was a medical necessity (when actually I asked my GP and it is usually wrong & worries mums to be for no reason!). I'm 19 anyway so I thought having it would just make me panic if I got high risk as it is very unlikely at my age.

    Yeah, the sonographer we had at our 20 week scan was dead abrupt as well...ah well I guess it is a job for them & I dont think I would be as interested in scan pics if I wasn't preg, hehe. My baby boy was soooo active at the scan as well...the pics came out blurry due to it but it was great to see him moving around, he kept pulling his legs up to his chest and rolling towards us so we saw his face!! The eyes just looked like sockets (spooky eh!) but you could see them & his little nose!

    Got 4d scan on Friday so thats something else to look forward to xxx
  • I'm 13 weeks and 2 days now! thanks for your lovely sharing just what i needed a bit of support! x
  • That's awful! My sonographer was lovely and I saw the student midwife when I was booked in. She was lovely but did glare at me when she asked was I planning to breast feed and I answered no! She told me I had plenty of time to make that choice - in other words time to change my mind and agree with her!!!.
  • As with so many things in life your experience can be totally altered by someone elses attitude to you. I'm now 21 weeks gone, but when I had my first scan at approx 12wks the sonographer didn't have the best manner. We were SO excited about it, we were waiting until after the scan to tell everyone I was pregnant, & by the time we got back to the car we were both in tears.
    She told us the nuchal fold was thicker than it should be, then left us in the room for ages while she went to try & find a consultant. It was on a Friday & unfortunatley there was no one available, so we had to wait until the Monday to go back for another scan.
    I decided against any other tests, & since then have been having regular scans with the same consultant, who's really nice. Although we won't know for definite that everything's okay until the baby's born, so far things are looking good.
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