Families, can't live with em', can't live without em'!

Hey girlies, just need to vent!

The last 2 days I've been really upset and paranoid that something is wrong as a heartbeat couldn't be found yet could last week (i was 13 wks). Anyway normally my mum is really caring and supportive but now i feel like she's just getting fed up with me and she says things like 'you getting upset really stresses out the rest of us' I know she's not being horrible. she just hates seeing me get so worked up and it does worry them but i need to know i can go to them when im having one of my down days. Now i feel like I can't talk when im worried - i only get so paranoid coz of my past experiences. Grrrrrr families, love them to bits but they domy nut in at times!!!!

Also can i pick ur brains??? because i feel a little nervous again should i go for a Private scan? im provisionally booked in for tomorrow but its quite pricey. what to do??


  • firstly do exactly what ur doing vent to us as we have all probably stressed out on this forrum about 50 bazillion times n as 4 scan its up to u but if mw was worried shed probably have sent you to hosp for scan anyway? but if u need the reassurance do it! hope u feel better soon hun xxxxxx
  • hiya i know how you feel when it comes to families, i've got a big family and they all need to have their say on the matter, it's nice to know everyone cares but sometimes you just need them to listen to you having a good winge. i've found it a real help coming on here and seeing that everyone else seems to be going through the same things.

    as for scans i think it depends how you feel about them in general, i find it reassuring to go and check everything is as it should be, but i know friends that dread theirs and see them as intrusive. i had a gender scan and 4d scan, the girls that worked their were really lovely and made us feel at home and it was much less clinical than at the hospital i totally recommend it, but i think you should go by instinct and if it doesn't feel right then don't go but if you want the extra reassurance then i think it's worth the money

    good luck x
  • HI funkymonkey-
    1) Families (especially mothers) are pants sometimes!!
    2) 14 weeks is still quite early to find a heartbeat and just cos they heard it before doesn't mean it will be easier to find again. I was having great fun with my doplar- finding it 1 day and not the next but it was (is) fine. Why don't you ask MW to listen again rather than fork out for the scan and save the cash for another day ! She may well find it tomorrow.
    Camlo x
  • If you really are panicking, I would have the scan. It wont do you or bubba any good to worry constantly. Secondly, I HATE my mum since I've become pregnant! The first time I was only 16 and living with her and she was really supportive but this time shes just been horrible! I'm having a bit of a rubbish time because I have quite severe SPD and went into premature labour a couple of weeks ago and she has had no sympathy. Yesterday she stopped talking to me because I wouldnt walk a mile and a half to collect her son from school while she went shopping. Ordinarily this would have really upset me but I've put myself out for her so much and she never really appreciates it so I've learnt to just ignore her tantrums! She's had 4 children and had very straight forward easy pregnancies with all of us so I think she just feels pregnancy is part of life and I should shut up and get on with it!
  • My sister and my mum are exactly the same as your family. They are absolutely thrilled that I'm having a baby and want everything to go well. But they only want to hear about the good stuff. If I'm having a moan about my heartburn "you're just getting addicted to gaviscon you don't really need it" Complaining about my acne "why do you have such bad skin just now, buy a cover-up", A bit snappy and depressed "stop being so ungrateful, you have a miracle going on inside your body just now "

    Well excuse me, this miracle inside my body is giving me heartburn and acne and no wonder I'm bloody depressed about it ! Don't get me wrong I'm not unhappy to be preggers but could do with some support on the rubbish bits and not just shopping for baby grows !
    Scan - I didn't hear heartbeat until 17/18wks. The mw didn't find it on 2 occasions she tried.Try not to worry too much. But in the end if the only thing that's going to stop you worrying is the scan, then go for it. Suz x
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