Not feeling too good today...

i was ok when i got up this morning and got an orange/mango juice on my way to work. Which really didnt agree with me and made me feel really sick..

Now i have a really achy head/eyes and feel light head. Like i cant hold my head up straight...

Iv had a lay down in the first aid room, but cant stay in there forever image



  • Sorry youre not feeling too good. Have you had any breakfast? I always find having some proper food helps like toast. xx
  • Sorry you're feeling poorly hun, was going to say the same as Fiona re: breakfast???

    Hope you feel better soon xxxx
  • Iv had some coco pops... do you think thats enough?

  • Oh hun I am sorry you are feeling pants. I feel the same today actually maybe it;s the weater felt great getting up just now feel like I could fall alseep and like my neck hurts to keep my head up.

    I have just made some toast and a cuppa and i must say that is helping.

    K xx

  • no cocpops prob not enough hun, try some toast or something xxx
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