which baby milk should i get ?

Hi Guys could i please have some preferences on which baby milk to use . i am due in four weeks and would like to get a tin in. My friend used cow and gate with her first two but said it did not agree with her third. Im sure i just have to try one and see but it would be good to see if there are any favorites. Thank you x


  • I was wondering this as well. I'll probably buy sma and see how he is with that...I think it depends on the baby though, some really dislike certain formulas. x
  • I would go to your nearest shop and see what they stock, and then give it a go. At one point your bound to run out and the last thing you want to do is trapse around trying to find some!! Saying that i think babe often tells you whats best and if its your first id recommend getting a few cartons in rather than powder- it is more expensive but a lot less scary in the early days xx
  • i used farleys 4 both ov mine, but with 1st i waited till she was born was gonna buy sma but when she tried it in hospital it dint agree, so tried her with farleys and she was ok so sent oh out from hospital to get sum!!!
  • Hi i completely agree with doublebubble when she says to see what your local shops stock as I put my daughter on aptimal but ended up changing it as I couldnt find it in shops near me whereas sma and cow & gate are the ones that you usually find in smaller shops etc. My girls both had cow & gate in the end and it was fine.

    I know from experience of running out on a sunday night and nowhere open but a garage that even they stcok small tubs of sma and cow&gate.

    Hope this helps xxx
  • i used cow and gate with my 1st might use the same again this time
  • hi,
    im goin to breast feed but is it best that i get a can of cow & grate in case he dont take to breast feeding? thanks X

  • Hey, I tried sma with my first baby, but it was too rich for her so changed to cow and gate and it was perfevt for her.xxx
  • Am probably going to be using Cow and Gate. Both my boys had this - besides that the SMA advert makes me cry every time and if they make me cry then i wont buy their milk lol - bloody hormones !!!!
  • That bloody SMA advert. Im a blubbering wreck every time i watch it. I agree def boycotting it do not need any encouragement in the tears department!!!
  • Another thing, I used cow and gate as there ethical policy is good. They dont supply developing countries with formula (unlike nestle who the world health organisation think are probably responsible for tens of thousands of baby deaths due to their aggresive promotion of baby formula) the only time they sent any out was after the Tsunami when there was a dire need due to children becoming orphans. xx
  • I started my lo on Cow and Gate - dh went and got this when I had problems with bf, which was good, then dh went and got SMA gold, but he did not poo for a while, so we changed to C&G Comfort, which was good. I wanted the vitamins DHA and AA which are found in breastmilk, and it seems only Aptamil has them, so I'm sticking to that.
  • I take that back, SMA also has DHA and AA, but Aptamil has Immunofortis.
  • i used sma gold woth my first so that is what im using this time.


  • Thank you for your help i think ill give cow and gate a try x
  • I got aptimil cause a lot of people on here said it was closest to breastmilk - I didn't buy a tin of it though, just some cartons in case of emergency and only bought a tin when i decided to do formula and breast feeding. I'd definately suggest buying some cartons rather than a tin as they are around 50p each rather than ??7-8 for a tin that lo may not like.
  • I used SMA Gold with my first baby and never had ne probs with it. My second baby was very hungary so I switched from Gold to SMA White which made her very constipated. So then tried Farleys second milk which made her very sicky before finally switching to Cow and Gate milk (for hungary babies) and she was very happy on that. Satisfied her hunger and did'nt leave her constipated.
    I think it's trial and error. What suits one baby might not suit another. Would def start with Sma Gold and just go from there. x x x
  • Hi, I've just googled 'cow and gate third world' and clicked on the top search results that went to an artical pretty much stating that all the formula companies are guilty of supplying third world countries at some point or of having negative publicity.
    I've breastfed (for 5 months) & have now moved onto formula (C&G). I tried Aptimil but my bb would vomit this back up violently, it just depends on what bodes best with your bb.
    I've not heard of a bb not taking to breastfeeding...it doesn't know there's anything else, although if they have a medical problem such as cleft palette then breastfeeding can be difficult I believe.
    That SMA advert...I have seen it loads and didn't even realise it was for formula - I think I was mesmerised by the voice over guy! (isn't it that actor that was in 'teachers' & 'afterlife'?) Doesn't make me want to buy their milk anyway - stupid adverts! Just remember that is what milk companies rely on - us being bombarded with adverts on tv & magazines so we are drawn to their product first...the even pay more for a better shelf position in supermarkets! I just went with what my bb preferred (excluding breast milk which was his favourite but off the menu!)
    Good luck deciding...one decision in a mountain of decisions that you have to make when you become a mummy.
  • sorry to gatecrash, but i was wanting to get some formula in for emergencies or if im ill and was wondering how long it takes for you to know if it agrees with lo or not?
  • The first bottle of Aptimil made my baby vomit alot, I didn't realise that was what was making him sick and gave him a few more feeds which he vomitted up alot too. As soon as I went back to C&G he went back to his usual belch without vomitting at the end of the feed!
    I'd be wary of getting some formula if you plan to BF as BF'ing is hard at first and it may undermine your efforts to continue...when I was in hospital if someone had brought me a bottle I think I would have given it my bb as I got very sore nipples due to me not latching my bb on properly for his first feed (I was shattered & not paying attention!) & I didn't release him from the breast properly either...I'll know better for next time!
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