WooHoo 16 weeks

I am so happy that I've reached the 16 week mark. I feel so much better after all my sickness. My skin is still really bad but I am hoping this will also pass soon too.

I cant wait to find out the babies sex (necxt Sat), babybond said I could have it from yesterday but she recommended I waited another week.

AnneMarie xxx


  • Congratulations, glad to hear the sickness does eventually go!! I am not finding out babys sex but in a way i wish i was. Keep going in to next and the likes and want to buy pink and or blue stuff but cant!! good luck with scan. I am yet to have my first!


  • Glad to hear you're feeling better! My sickness was fading by 16ish weeks, and was gone totally by 18 weeks, although i still have the odd bout, but few and far between so much more bearable! Good luck with your scan, are you hoping for a boy or girl, or not worried? xxxxxx
  • bet ur really looking 4ward to the scan! i found out at 16 weeks in my last pregnancy that i was having grace.Glad u feel better,unfortunately my skin was bad all way through my last 2 pregnancies image
  • I already have a girl so I would love a boy as I am not planning on having anymore, however, if baby is a girl I will be happy and my bank balance will be happy as I have kept a lot from when she was little.

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