slightly worried :\?


My 18 month old has been walking for about 4months now and he's been fine. But this morning, he has been toddling from one end of the living room to the other and has fallen over about 25 times. I dont understand why he is doing this. Its like he trips over his toes or something.

Anyone know why he is suddenly doing this? think there might b something wrong? xx


  • hi hun
    my son doesnt walk yet (13 months) but i can understand your worry if this is not normal for him take him to see the dctor or hv for some advice to put your mind at rest. let us know how you get on xxx
  • I don't have any kids yet so don't have experience of this - but perhaps having found his feet he's trying to go faster and faster and has just reached his current limit?

    Hope he's not hurting himself! - bet he looks funny!

  • soory...wrong forum. LOL think i still have pregnancy brain LOL xxx
  • My lil boy went through something similar. At first i put it down to him been tired but he was doing it for about 2 weeks, so i had his feet measured again to make sure his shoes were the right size (which they were). I think in the end it was because he was trying to pick up speed and had not quite sussed out how to do this and keep his co-ordination. He is walking fine now (he is 21months) it lasted for a couple of weeks so i dnt think its anything to worry about. However if u r worried and its gona bug u, y dnt u go see ur health visitor or someone just to check him over. Gud luck. Kerry xxxx (35+1)
  • thanks for replying! Might see how he gets on. yeah he probably is trying to go fast. i didnt think of that. i hope thats all it is xx
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