bizarre dreams

am I the only one to have them?

the other night I dreamt that I went to a bakery and bought a blueberry muffin and when I bit into it, it was full of worms.

another night: I had a vivid dreams about my dad dying (as far as I am aware he isnt ill but I dont see him that often)

another night: being chased by a ginger cat

and last night: OMG I can't believe im telling you this. I had a dream that I went to see a show where ladies could move their *er-hms* in time to a song and they were painted and decorated for the show.

Im sooo embarassed. am I going doolally?? please help, lol.


  • I'm having them. Dreamt my friend was installing a stripper pole on a beach.
  • No definitely not alone!
    My dreams started off violent but are just bizarre now!!
    I dreamt last night that our best friends (who get married in May) we cheating on each other - with better looking versions of each other! They were still the same people but the ones who were being cheated on had tatty clothes and crazy hair.
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