I hate Mondays!

Hi all,

Just having a bit of a moan really. Got soaked walking to my bus stop this morning, then had to stand most of the way on the bus. Not one person offered me a seat, can you believe that? I'm 29+4 and obviously pregnant, ok i was wearing a big coat but undid it and stuck my bump out and still no one moved! If I saw a obvisouly pregnant woman I would definitely offer up my seat, so why didn't anyone for me?

Has anyone else had this problem? Funnily enough when I was about 11 weeks pregnant and not showing, some guy on the tube gave me his seat, I must have been having a real fat day!

Cas. X


  • I have to walk to work hun so cant comment on the bus thing but I would always give my seat up for a pregnant lady - will be interesting to see if anyone does for me if I ever dare go up town on my own in the coming months!

    I also hate mondays so agree with you on that!!



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