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I dont no whether to get my hopes up or not

I am shaking like anything atm.I have just took a pregnancy test and u can see the line to say thats the test as worked and im sure i can see a very very and i mean very pink line, u av to look very close. I have a 7 month old daughter and i do want another baby, I dont want a big age gab between my kids (I want 3 kids) I dont know what to do I keep keep looking at the test and I am sure I can see it.

Any advice please?


  • Congratulations i dont know what to say other than test again in the morning when your hg levels are highest. how many dpo are you? x
  • The thing is ive not had a period since 10th august i tested a week ago and they was neg. And i tested yesterday or day b4 and it was neg. But i thought id try today cus ive been weeing more and its coming with a very faint line i dont know if i am seeing things

    Ive jsut done another one and thats coming up neg im so confused

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  • Oh dear maybe you should book in at the doctors and they could test you good luck! x
  • I am going to wait till my boyfriend gets home and see what he sees if he says it looks positive im gonna go get a CB digital one
  • Hi hun, if the line is that faint then a digital will say negative as they need a larger amount of hcg present before they turn positive. Could you get a superdrug test? they are by far the most sensitive brand in my opinion.
    I'm afraid there's nothing much else you can do but wait a few days and test again, and if it's coming up negative then get a doctor appointment to see what's happening.

    Good luck xx
  • agree with huni, absolutely no point in doing a cbd if ur only getting faint lines as they are one of the most insensitve hpts so u need to be much further along to get a bfp with one of those. also agree taht the superdrug early tests are fantastic! i got my bfps at 9dpo (faint, but no guessing, u could def see them, no squinting or naything, just they were fainter than the control), and i also suggest that u wait til tomorrow or pref the morning after (as hcg doubles every 48hours so should see a differenc ein the lines) and make sure u do it with fmu. have ur periods been regular up til this month or are they still sorting themselves out postanatally? xx
  • I got really faint lines for the first 3 or 4 days of my BFP - I would maybe try again in the morning with your FMU.
    Hope it's a positive image
  • What about a sadas own?
  • I missed a period in july
  • Hey hun, I remember you saying something like this before, (and I assume that was just a late period) so try not to get your hopes up too much, and it could juts be an evap line - but def test again using the first wee of the day - and see what happens.

    Good luck hun, hope you get the result you want!
  • Hi I found the sainsbury's own ones really sensitive. How far along do you think you are? If you haven't had a period since 10th of augus that could mean your a couple of months gone in which case I would have thought it would show up quite strongly on a test?? I would test again with your fmu xxx
  • Def test again first thing in the morning, I had very faint lines for a few days before my bfp. Don't spend your money on a digital just yet.
    I found First Response pretty good and you should be able to get one from Tesco ready for the morning.
    Good luck xx
  • Last period was August 10. I am not sure when I am ovulating cause periods have been messed up. I did another test strip and it looked like a stronger line and I showed my boyfriend and he even said the same and he can see better then me. I am just going to try in morning and see what happens, might go docs as well cause I have been getting positive and negative results
  • Hi hun, did you test again? xx
  • Ive tested again this morning and its happening again one looks positive u can see 2 lines when u put it to the light but its a faint line. Then did another and that was neg so i give up
  • What tests are you using hon? You said a strip - if they are cheap ones they are notorious for giving negatives when they are actually positives. Get yourself an asda own/superdrug/first response and test again in the morning or leave it a couple of days and test then, but dont use a cheap test strip. Good luck xxx
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