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Ok i am a 34 or 36 G cant remember lol and don't want to take my bra off to look! but anyway just wondered if anyone else around this size knows if there is any good online websites for maternity bra's at this size i hate my one its so frumpy!! i want either sexy or pretty!




  • Hi
    I know that Mothercare online have a nice range and if you click on their sale items they also have a few nice bras on there at the moment for good prices and I think in the larger sizes.
  • Thanks i found some really nice ones only they all say out of stock image thanks though xx
  • I'm not the size of you - just a mere D cup!! I can remember reading on here that John Lewis do some good maternity bras for larger boobs. Worth a try.
  • evans do nice bras but i don't think there maternity think the are soft cup,

  • Hi im a G too. I went on the simplybe website about a week ago and got 5 bras for less than 20 quid!!! there was a set of two plain white ones that are soooo comfy and then there were nice sexy ones too. Not maternoty mind you but for tht price i wasnt compaining. Not sure if there sale is still on but might be worth a look.
  • Hi,

    Try hotmilk as they seem to be in all the pregnancy mags at the mo..and freya as they cater for larger cup sizes not the cheapest though.
  • The hotmilk ones are lovely but the websites i found them on dont have my size or if they do too expensive but thank you all for your replies i found one i liked on motehrcare and it was instock!! so i have ordered that now. Thanks again everyone image xx
  • Hiya

    I'm a 36G too and found figleaves sold the best least expensive mat. bras... not sure what the selection is like at the mo coz I'm having to buy nursing ones instead now!

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