distracted by baby moving?

Hi ladies,

I just wondered if anyone else gets dsitracted from what theya re doing when their baby moves around?

I am about 21- 23 weeks and sometimes when the baby is kicking or pushing around a lot i find it really hard to concentrate on whatever I'm doing..

does anyone else get this or is this just another example of my spongy baby brain?

em xxxx (and wriggling bump!)


  • Hi lm like this as well, lve even stopped in mid sentence needless to say l get alot of strange looks lol xx 23+3
  • it definately distracts me frm falling asleep when shes punching about in there!feels like an earthquake n sometimes i think im gonna fall out of bed!!lol

  • thank you ladies!!! feel much reassured now!
    and wow I know the sleeping thing... my baby just loves kicking around when i get into bed... but also i work with kids and it seems to love those suddenly still moments in conversation when i really need to concentrate on what they are saying....

    maybe its good practice for the permantnely distracted look that seems to go with being a mum!!!

  • My baby is so good, i'm 23+2 now, he kicks about joyously in the afternoon and a bit in the morning, and a bit around 7 o'clock at night. But come bedtime he's quiet. I hope he follows this sleeping pattern when he comes into the world lol!!!
  • forget being distracted - i am so wierded out by it all i keep going 'oooooohhhhh ahhhhhh' sort of thing every time he moves! Thats not too bad at home byt very embarrassing when your in a queue or on the bus or something! haha..i've been getting the funniest looks. I'm 22 weeks and have only been feeling movement for about a week so i guess i should get used to it - but will no doubt continue to be distracted! lol..xx
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