maybe tmi and a bit gross, but need know if i'm abnormal

as per the may sound a bit gross, but i hoep i can ask as we are all women here enjoying or having enjoyed the joys and icky bits of pregnancy...
is it normal to experience A LOT of discharge? and i mean a lot...


  • yea!! loads!! its just ur body trying to protect itself from infection getting to the baby. as long as it isnt green or bad smelling, i wouldnt worry!!
    love grace and bump 40 weeks xxx
  • ah thanks...that's good to know...feel a little more at ease.
  • Yes its completely normal ! i had loads!!!! B careful it doesnt turn into thrush xxx
  • i get a lot some days and not much others. i find when i am walking a lot a get a lot! like the other day i felt it all coming out when i was walking round sainsburys! so i had to nip to the loo just to check that it was cm and not blood! but it was cm! so yeh normal! xx
  • Completely normal.
    Mine was so bad at one point I thought I had peed myself but actually it was just discharge. As long as it doesn't smell and isn't an odd colour you are fine image

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