At what point do you see the Midwife? No one has mentioned anything about aa Midwife to me yet. Am i suppossed to contact her or is she suppossed to contact me? I am 6 weeks today or 6+3 not too sure lol.


  • hi ya u dont usually see your midwife till u r about 8 weeks for your booking appointment where they will take your first lot of bloods and ask u loads of nosey questions lol gud luck xx
  • As soon as i found out was pregnant i phoned my G.P's practice and asked for an appointment with the midwife i saw her at around 6 / 7 wks and then she came to do my bloods and booking in at home at around 10 wks - this was the case with my first 2 pregnancies and seems to be the same as i'm 9+3 pregnant with no3 and have already seem my midwife at the surgery and she's coming to see me at home next wk to do my bloods and booking in. I'm sure practices vary from area to area though. Good Luck xx
  • to be honest i think its different in different areas like in birmingham they see u straight away after they have performed there own pt but in east anglia where i am they see u at 8 weeks its mad they way they do it lol xxx
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