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benefits of rasberry tea?

Hi girls, hope you are all ok, im almost 33 weeks n have been thinkin is now the right time to start drinkin rasberry tea? also what are the benefits of it? ive read it can bring on labour, and can ease the pain? all advice will b appreciated!

Steph 32+3 xx


  • i was told today in the health food shop in town not to take them if i was under 35 weeks, also says it on the pack of tea bags i got. i am now on the pills 2 a day, rather than the tea, as it made me heave lol

  • it doesn't actually bring on labour, it tones and strengthens the muscles of ur uterus to make contractions more effective during labour...i don't think it does much for pain relief but it's supposed to make labour shorter...usually advised to start drinking around 36 weeks + altho i didn't start til 38 image x

  • hay
    i dranck it with my first baby at 32weeks could be a co-insidence but i went into labour premiturly at 36 weeks,although that may sound great when your as big as a house and ready to pop but you also have the thinck of the complications after
    ,id be bit carful image
  • I used the tea from 32 weeks last time round and then switched to the tablets at about 36 weeks (the tea is weaker so can be taken earlier) my little boy was a week late BUT I was only in labour for 2 1/2 hours in total and the first hour my contractions were so mild I didn't bother telling oh. I was pushing for just 12 mins and ended up giving birth to a 9lb 7oz baby with just a bit of gas and air. Quite different from first time round when I was in labour for 18 hours and lo got stuck! If I have another I will definately be taking the rasberry leaf again.
  • Hi,

    As mrsjb says, it strengthens and tones the muscles of the uterus.

    I know many people seem to be told to only take it really late in pregnancy, but they have qualified herbalists in Neals Yard, and they advise taking it from 6 months in pregnancy to get the full effects. I did this with my son (he was only 3 days early), and I'll be doing it this time too. I did still have a 37 hour labour, but I managed to get fully dilated, so had an assisted delivery rather than a c-section. The midwives were surprised I managed to get to fully dilated as the contractions stayed at 5 mins apart, so maybe the raspberry leaf tea helped.
  • so were can u buy the rasberry tea leaf from? xx
  • I saw it in Sainsburrys yesterday. It does warn on there that it can bring on labour and help with labour! I have a book that says you must make sure it is only rasberry tea and not with vanilla or any other herb? hope that helps. xx
  • I've been drinking the tea since 37 weeks, I love it, I love the taste so much, I am drinking around 3/4 cups a day! I really do hope it does something!!!!!

    Han xx
    10 days to go!!!!imageimage
  • Health food shops should stock it too. or you can get it online, such as at Neals Yard. The dose is 3 cups a day- 1 teabag per cup, or 1 teaspoon of loose herb per cup.
  • Hi im thinking of using raspberry leaf but i want to know if it actually starts labour and is it safe to use for my baby as i am soooo fed up right now as i am sure many are but my babys health is much more important to me and my midwife is usless!!!.

  • i didnt know about raspberry leaf tea, will defo be trying it now!

    thank you image

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