exercise in the early days

what can you and can't you do??


  • Hi,
    Check out the advice on the NHS Direct website. Obviously no scuba diving or bungee jumping! The most important thing is to not get out of breath or overheated and stop if you feel faint or unwell.
    Later in pregnancy I'd recommend an Aquanatal class run by midwives at your local baths; you can go until you give birth and sometimes return to class after baby's born.
    Hope this helps,

  • Whatever you did before you can continue doing-no stomach crunches tho!!!. You may need to moderate some exercises eg lift lighter weights, run slower or for less time. You should check with your instructr and mw - dont allow yourself to over heat, drink plenty of water and watch your HR doesnt get too high and you should be fine. If you've not been used to exercising walking, aquanatal, swimming and palates/yoga are all gr8. If you want to start a new class just make sure instructor knows you are pregnant and how far along.

    Good luck and hope you have a fit and healthy pregnancy.
  • If you not used to doing any form of exercise then suddenly taking it up whilst pregnant is not recommeneded, so stick to gentle exercises like swimming, walking, antenatal yoga etc.
    However if you already exercise regularly then you can continue to do most things in moderation. Obviously high impact sports are out and you have to avoid overheating, so make sure you drink plenty and exercise at a level where you can still hold a conversation easily. Avoid anything which involves lying on your back or stomach and heavy weights. I continued going to the gym and swimming until I was 37 weeks pregnant, and just slowed my workouts down. Cycling should be avoided in later pregancy, becuase of teh danger of falling off, but cycling on an excercise bike is fine.
    Even going out for a daily 20mins walk will help to keep you fit and healthy. Take care.
  • Mand69

    What type of exercise/classes were you doing pre-pregnancy?

    I have always been an exercise freak and started teaching about 18 months ago. I have continued with BodyPump, just adjusting the height of the bench at one end to avoid being completly on the back.....BodyAttack but taking out the high impact jumps and have quit BodyCombat as there was too much torso rotation. I am still teaching and participating in Aqua and Step.

  • god, you all so fit, used to go to the gym twice week, go the classes leg, bum and tum, body conditioning and pilates, justed wondered what is safe?? thanks
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