Chafford Hundred

Hi again

I was just wondering if there was any new mums to be that lived in Chafford Hundred. I have just moved here and live about a two min walk from the station. I am not some freak I promise but thought it would be nice to get to know the mums to be in my area if there are any on here.

K xx

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  • I don;t like bumping my posts up but just thought I would with this one.

    K XX
  • No chick I am the other side of London in SW..........

    However I am more than keen for a meet when I am in the later stages or have a newborn (im not one of these that will say yes then not meet either)

    So in a few months time maybe we could arrange a meet, a more successful one than those TTC meets haha
  • Ahh thanks honey that would be really good. I have just started to worry because I was at home for three days sick last week and just wanted to get out of the house.

    I can't drive which is a pain and really started to worry i would have no other mum friends when the baby is born.

    K xx
  • My best friend has just had her baby and honestly the NCT girls she met have become really good friends, they meet every wednesday and once a month one couple holds drinks at thier house - I am going to join one 100% - im excited to start all those things and not this waiting game to see if everything is ok........
  • Yeah i sent an email to the NCT telling them we would like to join. I was hoping we would make friends there as well it would be sooo nice.

    K xx
  • Im south london need croydon image thinkim a bit of a loner down here... Would love to meet you girls and have some mum friends, i also worry that i might not have any.. my friends are taking there in trying for a baby...

    Only 5+6 ATM so when im abit further on... xxx
  • K-Lou dont worry huni, you will meet plenty new mums when you start going to your antinatel classes.

    In Glasgow we have a group called Mums and Tots in my local area I take my daughter there every Wednesday, its just a place where she can play and I can chat to other mums.

    I think my health vistor gave me a list of all the closest groups to me, so maybe once baby is here you will get the same.

    AnneMarie xxx
  • Hey K-Lou, both Lynds and I live in Stanford, Its about 5 mins from Chafford! Lucky devil being so close to lakeside! lol I'm 26 weeks and i think Lynds in about 24!
  • Hi, yes i am 24+1 today! woohoo, i'm getting so excited now! K-lou Tracey and i can occasionally be spotted perusing the baby section of H&M, or eating stuff that will make us fat down by the waterfront! We can show you the sunny sights of lakeside whenever you are free xx
  • LOL thanks girls image It's great to be a 5 min walk from Lakeside it helps so much we me not being able to drive as well, would be great to meet up with you girls. I feel ages behind you ha ha

    I know you girls are right i am sure once my classes start all will be ok, I think i just felt a bit freaked out as I have lots of friends in the city I meet up and so on and i wont really have that as much when baby comes.

    K xx
  • Haha Lynz!! Yeah she is right! You can't miss us, like a woddeling little and large! Should join us for the fattening event, its very enjoyable! lol Don't worry about being behind, it flys by believe you me!
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