Excercise or Not?

Hi lovely mummies-to-be!

I just wanted your advice on something.

I have been going to a diet & fitness (aerobics) class for the last 4 years but since I have found out I'm pg I've not really been making the effort to go - I think I've been to one class in 2 months. Obv I can't do the diet bit (lost 4 stone in that time) and I know that excercising is good for you in pregnancy but seriously thinking about not going any more before I get too big to carry on anyway even though my instructor is qualified to teach pregnant women.

I work as a PA so I sit down all day and although I do try and walk around town at lunch it's not the same as a 45 min aerobic session! :lol: My DH wants me to carry on as it's good for me and bubs but I feel that as I'm not really committed at the moment it's not worth paying the ??14 a month to stay. I will go back after having bubs as I know I'll need the diet!!

What's your opinions on this?



  • I would definitetly keep it up, it could really pay of when the birth come round, esp if you take up yoga as MrsAmanda said.
  • Hiya,
    I have continued my exercise throughout my pregnancy so far, I have just eased off the effort slightly, not going full pelt at getting myself knackered! Research has shown that women who exercise regularly throughout pregnancy, generally have an easier labour and birth. Also, it should prevent you from any unnecessary weight gain, therefore you will have less to lose after you've had the baby (when you probably really wont feel like exercising!!!). I would get going on some kind of exercise even if its only aquanatal classes once a week, better than nothing!

    Oh, and congrats on the weight loss (and pregnancy of course).


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