blood results are terrifying me !!

i had my bloods done last week i am 15 week pregnant and find out on the 20th december wether there is anything wrong ect i am so worried and it is so close to christmas when i get the results .


  • Hi Katie Lou

    Try to relax about blood tests (know it's easier said than done!) however if there was anything wrong they'd be in touch stright away rather than wait until 20th.

    Unfortunately pregnancy is filled with worry however chances are all will be ok so try and relax and enjoy your baby bump!

    Gem (29+4) x
  • id try not to worry katie i knw thats easier said than done! id be the same too just relax hunny x
  • thankyou yes it is all worry you worry wether you are eating right ect and blood tests here and there. i think i felt a flutter last nite and am sure it was not wind will keep u updated xx
  • Hi there Katie lou - I assume you mean that your next midwife appointment is on 20th Dec??? If ANYTHING worrying showed up in your bloods they would ring you immediately not wait till the next appointment - if you had your bloods done last week the results will actually already be in so if you are worried ring your midwife to check but honestly if there is anything unexpected they will call you! ALl my bloods had been fine until about a month ago when my sugar level was high and my midwife rang me the DAY AFTER the blood was taken to ask me to go back in!

    Mainly try not to worry as there is no reason to expect anythign to be wrong! image
  • thankyou crafty charli so there should not be anything wrong thats good to hear or she would have rang me thankyou xxx
  • No probs it is nice to be able to help and put your mind at rest. I was quite shocked at my mid wife appt this morning as I am now 33+3 and was expecting another appt quite soon but it turns out I am not seeing her again till 3rd Jan when I will be 38 weeks!!!! But she did say just to call if anything worried me before then.
  • That's what I was expecting Kelly!!! But to be fair everythign has been plain sailing so I am lucky and midwife could have seen me 2 weeks earlier but cos we are travelling aroudn the country over Christmas to see family it wasn't possible but I thought she would bring it forward not but it back?! hey ho it'll all be fine x
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