Grace is acting really odd towards Jake, now I can imagine that sounds daft seeing as I am still preggers but I will explain before you all think i am going mad.

When my mate comes over and she hears his voice she goes off on one. Kicks the crap out of me, and all he has to do is touch my bump and she is full n going for it.
Yet, she doesn't respond to Jake.

Nothing, he can talk to her, put his hand on my bump all sorts and she will not play ball.


  • Hi Elsbeth, didn't want to read & run... perhaps she find Jake's voice calming? Or perhaps you relax when he puts his hands on you, which she picks up on?
  • I dunno, my other kids always reacted to daddy touching my belly
  • I had something similar with my 3rd n 4th babies. My 3rd would move for daddy but as soon as my girls were anywhere near he would go totally still. My 4th would only move for me and no-one else yet he has a gd relationship with daddy!! I think it's just one of those things.
  • Could be something about the tone of people's voices.

    My baby goes mad for my boyfriend but not so active for me. He seems to be quite intuitive to him. Once he said the baby is awake, I was like, no he isn't, and a second later he was kicking. xxx
  • LOL.. miike will sit there calling her name. I get well wound up.

    I am sat in his work with him now, and all he has said is do you want a coffee, and if you wanna go on thye net feel free.. yeah Grace is proper on one!!!
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