Feeling dizzy.

I 've been dizzy since i woke up yesterday.I'm nearly 24 weeks pregnant,do you think i should phone the mw?I'm seeing her tomorrow anyway,so maybe see how i am today? x


  • Are you eating and drinking plenty? If you are and are still feeling dizzy i think it can be a sign of low blood pressure. Perhaps give your midwife a call and see if she's happy to wait til tomorrow, she may want to see you today just to give you the once over xxx
  • I think i'm eating enough but i may up the intake of water today as i can go hours without drinking sometimes!! Thanks for the advice! x
  • Ooh yeah good idea hun, i feel really rotten if i don't drink lots through the day! See how you get on, but if you are at all concerned then do call your midwife, thats exactly what she is there for xx
  • i felt really dizzy yesterday and then i realized i hadn't had much to eat on sat. after i made myself eat i did feel better. so it must have been low blood sugar. but if you think you are eatting ok then i would phone your MW an see what she says. x
  • cd be anaemic... i felt js like tht... n now im on iron tablets!!... whic helps a lot
  • I am not as far as you but gettign dizzy and fainting a well. Mine is due to over heating or not drinking enough water. Just ring your MW to ease your mind . Mine was rubbish I told her and she just said it's common for Preg at my stage???

    K xx
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