the best day ever!!

I had my first scan today, and it was absolutely amazing. I was a little worried as I had a bleed about 5 weeks ago but everything is fine. Baby was very active doing big jumps and putting its hand up to its face, the sonographer was really lovely and we got 3 great pictures. I also had my booking in today so we were in for nearly 2 hours. I will have to go back for GTT as my BMI is a little high, but apart from that all is well. My dates were put back 6 days but I dont mind as im still past the 12 week mark.
I would post pictures but I dont know how, and ive tried following instructions on here but it just doesnt work for me!!!

Lisa xxx


  • That's lovely news! Congrats!

    Joo xxx
  • Ahhhhh huge congratulations hun, so pleased scan went well and baby is lovely and healthy.

    12+4 x x x
  • Congrats lisao! I felt like it was the best day ever too!

    Shall I try and instruct you to post the pics?

    Go to the image on Facebook and right click on it. On the menu that comes up select Properties (down the bottom)

    In the box that pops up there should be an address for the image. It starts http and ends jpg. Highlight and copy that whole address

    When you want to post the image you have to either start and new topic or post reply, you can't paste it in when you are just replying in the bottom reply box

    Write your message as normal, then click on the button IMG, paste in the copied address straight after then click IMG again

    It should look like this


    or somethink like that!

    Good luck

    13+5 x
  • glad everything went ok for u.

  • hope this works!!!

  • yay!! thanks kimmy. Heres another, back of babys head and babys butt hehe, its a cheeky one!!!

  • brilliant news its is amazing I'm so pleased all is well xx
  • Yay, yay, yay!!!! Huge congrats flower!! Fab, fab pics too! Awww chuffed to bits for you! xxxxxx
  • Glad it all went well, the 12 week scan is fab! Its amazing how much they look like a proper baby!

    15+2 xxx
  • Fab news Lisa - and the scan pictures are great !!!
  • congratulations, great pics. xxx
  • awww thanks ladies, couldnt believe it when I saw this bumped back up!! I still cant stop staring at the pictures!!

    Lisa xxx
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