Hey lovely lady's!

How embarressing to post this on the internet - but here it's just amoungst friends! :lol:

I did have a Doctor's appt this morning how ever I had a rough night and was really ressless and didn't sleep with pains in my hips and slept in - Oops! I feel guilty wasting his time and NEVER miss appts but it couldn't be helpped! I did ring to say sorry!

Any ways I have thrush - I am wondering what I CAN take for it? Ohh it's really ichey - have a midwife appt next week but feels a bit long to wait and feel a bit funny booking another appointment - just for thrush?

Might pop to pharmacy later to ask instead but just thought i'd ask here what you's have been allowed?

Mwah! x image


  • I had thrush at 30 weeks and I think I have it again booooo. Never had it before I got pregnant.

    Your GP can give you a pessary tablet that worked for me straight away. It's safe to use in pregnancy (not in 1st 3 months) except u can't use the applicator thingy as my GP said it might make you bleed. I'm pretty sure the canesten thing is the same, but it's expensive and seeing as you get free prescriptions you might as well see the doctor again ... xxx

  • I'm sure you can use oral or cream treatments for thrush when pregnant, just not any oral treatments.
    Have a look at this
    It's got a section on pregnancy and thrush. Not sure I fancy the garlic or vinegar treatments though !! Suz x
  • I have had 2 bouts of this whilst preggers with Grace, They won't sell you anything over the counter you will have to go to the doctor who will give you a prescription for exactly the same bloody thing.
    I was given the pessary thingy on both occasions and it worked a treat.
  • OMG ive been suffering with this for the past 3 months ! Ive had 2 lots of the canesten pessary and after a week it comes back !!!!!! Its soooo irritating and really gets to u doesnt it ! My doctors is miles away so by the time i spend money in petrol i might as well buy the pessary.

    Is there a limit to how many times u can use a pessary?

  • hey
    i have had problem thrush aswell never sufferd before PG, i went to the nearest lloyds chemist and the pharmacist advised me to use their own brand thrush cream which was a lot cheaper than the canesten creams. it worked for me. but if you can wait go to the doctors and get prescription which is free.

    donna 38+3 :\)
  • Thanks lady's! x
  • Hi Hun

    Ive been having the same prob but thing is chemist's will not give you anything. Well i went into two and they both refused to sell me any and said to go to doctor. I was very naughty and got hubby to buy it and he had to lie and sy it wasnt for a preg lady. I knew it was ok coz ladies on here have said they've been prescribed it.

    Hope that helps! xx
  • hi guys, like everyone else says the pessary is the thing but you can do stuff to prevent it coming back...

    have natural live yogurt daily - particularly ones with pre and probiotics in it

    and if you have bath shower your bits off after in cold water!

    these things both seemed to have stopped it coming back for me...

    oh and also if you are having sex with your oh get him to take a treatmetn to because apparently they can carry it without having symptoms and then just keep giving it back to you! charming!

  • Yeah my ex gave it to me (bad part was he didnt catch it from me.... rat)

    Some DRs and Chemists will advise against the pessary but ive had thrush 4 times since being pregnant and have used it twice. Works in a day and is perfect.

    My doc advised it can be used but instead of the applicator insert it with a clean finger.

    The cream calms the external itch but NOTHING worked for me for the internal problem until i got the pessary

  • lol OH's gone of sex as baby is moving sooo much my tummy changes shape lol so has put him off! I'm amused at the thought of dragging him to chemist later telling he has to get me pessary's - all part of being pregnant! lol
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