Chicco trio4me


Just wondering if anyone can give me an opinion of this pram. I'm in the middle of choosing the system I want and had decided on the Jane Solo matrix but saw this pram today and loved it. Any reviews on either of them would be greatly appreciated.



  • hi dont know about the chicco but i have ordered the jane slalom matrix it was hubby who picked it and i tried to find something else i liked but kept coming back to it.have since seen several and the feedback has all been good.good luck with your decision x
  • I have the trio for me but I havn't started using it as babs is not yet here! I have been having a fiddle around with it though and it feels quite straight forward - and I have no experience of prams/travel systems! It has the pram attachment which seems to click in very easily and I have tried the pushchair in both front and rear facing positions. I found the frame very easy to collapse and it just about fits in my tiny car boot (I have a kia picanto which has one of the smallest boots around so picking a pushchair had to take this into consideration). So so far so good - but things may be different when I'm actually using it! I also have to agree with ST Bertie about the car seat. I thought the point of having the autofix base was that it woulld click in and out without fiddlng with seatbelts so this has been my only issue with it so far. Hope that helps
  • thank you so much for all your replies!! It is really useful for me as I live in barcelona and the Jane is a spanish make so the big choice here and so had no idea about the chicco till I saw it yesterday in the shop and loved it but as you have pointed out till you actually start using it you dont really see the problems and niggles.

    Thanks again for all your help...I'll keep searching the reviews!!

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