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Has anyone bought this pram? Its ??170 off on the Mamas and Papas website at the moment but I havent seen it so thought Id see if it was any good!

Also do you think purple is ok if I have a boy???

21+6 xxx


  • Hi,
    I loved it when I first saw it. The colours are funky but I thgouht the carrycot was on the small side and so was the pushchair it converted into. I went for the pliko combination with big carrycot in the end and with my first baby I had mamas and papas ultima which has 200 pound off at the moment.
    Dani 38 weeks
  • i was going to have this one originally and went to have a play in the showroom its a very nice pram but the back wheels seem very wide i use the bus a lot so thought i might struggle a bit with it i went for the bugaboo bee in the end as its compact
    claire x
  • we have ours on order and pick it up in two weeks..i cant wait(havebeen to have another play with it in mamas and papas today! For us the back wheels being wide apart are perfect because daddy is quite tall so it allows for his big strides. We dont know the sex of our baby and have gone for the black car seat, purple carrycot and green 'pram seat' my hubby wasnt sure if purple was okay for a boy but i convinced him that once we have a boys/girls blanket in there and a toy around the bumpbar we can gender-ise it for a girl or a boy. uw and its folds down small enough to fit in our mini which was anothe important factor for us. hope this helps.
  • We've got this one - in the lime green colour (as we don't know the sex and think its a funky colour!)
    It arrives in two weeks and Angus is due in 5 so I'll keep you posted!
    Joo xxx
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