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i was just wondering if anyone can tell me about private scans? i'm 9 weeks and am getting more and more impatient by the day. i saw my mw and she said that my NHS scan should be at about 12 weeks but hospital won't give me much notice at all. and she also pointed out that sometimes they forget or have to be chased up!! she said to let her know if i haven't heard by 12 weeks. which doesn't inspire me with confidence as i really really want to know that it's going ok. the other thing is we want to go away for a week when i'm 13 weeks (not abroad) and knowing my luck they would give me scan date for that week.

i have kept telling myself that i should just wait until NHS scan and money would be better off going towards the baby but it's constantly on my mind and i would feel a lot better if i could have some reassurance, and DH has now said if i really want one i should have one.

how do i go about arranging one?? how soon would i get one if i did organise one? how much do they cost? still not sure whether to have one but i know i need to make my mind up sooner rather than later.

sorry for all questions i've just no idea!!

thanks for your help xxx


  • Hi ya

    I have arranged an early scan for when i'm 10 weeks as i can't wait for my NHS one and i want my mum to come along with me and hubby (which she can't do with the NHS scan). I searched on the internet for clinics close to me and found two. I'm having a 2D early reassurance scan which is going to cost ??50, not bad i thought! It's my birthday today and i have got quite abit of money so i'm going to use that. The place where i'm going can do one quite quickly i think as long as i'm not fussed about when. Saturdays need to be booked about 3-4 weeks in advance though.

    Good luck xx
  • Hi I think that if its going to put your mind at rest and help you relax you should go for it.
  • Hey mrs_e,

    Sorry, I can't help with your specific questions about private scans but just to tell you that my scan date arrived exactly a week after my first m/w appt and is for exactly 14 weeks (bit disappointed it's so late but I suppose at least I'll be able to breathe a big sigh of relief if all is shown to be ok at 14 weeks).

    Now I know every hospital will be different, but if I can get such a quick confirmation yet the date be so far away I can imagine that your concerns about your scan ending up being quite late might be realised.

    So I think that if a private scan will put your mind at rest without totally breaking the bank you should do it :\)

  • To be honest I'd phone the MW and say I was really worried and can she try and find out when it is for you. She really only needs to make a call to the right people and it can be arranged easily. You could also say that you need notice so you can arrange time off work and see if that works?
    Good Luck
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