1st pregnant funny moment!

I was around my mates last night sewing some squares together while we chatted and she has a book case in the door way but usually i can get past i'd gne through the door several times that night i'd not really had a problem but i got a bit stuck at one point and made a joke about it being there. she said it was getting moved at teh eekend upstairs and we got on with our chat and sewing.... when i was leaving she said had baby moved down 'not that i'm aware but i can't really feel it why?' she said i looked more frontal lol her 2 girls were playing near by so i joked it of saying i was slouching and stood up tall! anyways i tried to get through the doorway and got stuck the 7yrold had to push me through image well embarassing for me but the 7yr old thought it was great to be able to help when i asked lol done nothing but giggle since! typical wry sense of humour for baby!


  • My funniest preg moment was with my first. I was a week off my due date and as she was breech they said to call at first sign of labour. A new Tesco superstore had opened near us (this was progress 17 years ago!!!!) and I had crippling pains in my side. My mum drove me straight to the hosp where my consultant was waiting for me. He was checking me over and asked
    'where abouts did you get the pains'
    me: 'in the fruit aisle of the new tesco'

    it took me a few minutes to understand why they were all laughing!!!!!!
    Obviously he meant where abouts on my body!!!!!!!! duh!!!! Did not have her that day but did 3 days later!!!!

    d xxx
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