Could this be it???

Can anyone help? I have been having mild period pain and tons of painless but really intense braxton hicks - bout 3 mins apart for last 48 hours. Overnight and this morning | have quite painful lower back ache which is going down the back of my thighs and more painful period pain - if I was having this with a period I would have taken painkillers by now. I also feel like I need to poo but when I go I dont (sorry if TMI).

The problem is I cant recognise any ''contractions'' and really dont know what I'm looking for??? The period pain does intensify slightly sometimes but is that what a contraction should feel like? Its not as dramatic as I would have expected.

Maybe I could be in early labour so have decided to stay put at home distracting myself until I feel something more definite. I really dont want to phone or go to the hospital too soon or over a false alarm.

Did anyone else find their labour started this way? What do you think?

Cheers! x

Mrs E

PS. Its probably just wishful thinking!


  • Sounds possible/positive. In my labour the pain was ALL in my back like period pains and although I could see my bump tightening through contractions in the early stages I didn't 'feel' them at all it was all just back pain!

    GOOD LUCK! image
  • wow mrs e i remeber you from TTC, i have no idea or advice for you but its sounding good, why dont you give midwife a call and ask her? She might tell you to just stay at home a few more hours and see how u get on?xxx
  • Hi MrsE
    This is my first baby so not experienced labour yet but I asked a friend how I would know it was happening, she said it starts with period pains and the feeling of needing to poo but not being able to.
    Give mw a call, thats what they are there for after all.
    Good luck - Keep in touch and let us know how you get on
    Shell 29+6
  • good luck hun! let us know how you get on. xxx
  • Hiya!
    This is my 1st hun so im not sure, just didnt wana read&run!
    I wish you lots of luck & fingers crossed this is it for you x x x
  • Thanks for all your replies ladies, things have settled down a bit now.

    Still have the period aching but the back ache eased after a bath and I still dont have any time-able contractions. The aching is still pretty all over the place in terms of strength and timing.

    Today might not be the day but its def a step in the right direction and things must be moving along. I'll just keep my eye on it.

    Hope you're all well! x
  • Hi Mrs. E

    I am exactly the same, been having these symptoms past few days, had the same a few weeks back and was in hospital over night, they said i was in early labour, but sent me home and after a few days it stopped! Which was fine as i was only 35 weeks. But the past few days ive been having period type pains, diahorrea, pains down below, achey lower back and legs and tightenings but arent really regular yet, had 8 in an hour last night but got bored counting them lol. I havent had a show yet and my waters havent broken so im just keeping a close eye on myself.
    Im think the same... is it just wishful thinking? But the pains are painful when they come... will wait and see :\)

    Sharon x

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