Icandy cherry, Silver Cross Dazzle or Graco Cleo??


My baby is not due until July but I'm researching prams now. I have taken a liking to the ICandy Cherry, Silver Cross Dazzle or Graco Cleo. Does anyone have any experience or opinions of these please?

I am looking for something lightweight and easy to use on public transport. Opinions gratefully recieved

Thank you! xxx


  • I don't have any experience with any prams as I'm pregnant with my first, but I'm considering either the icandy cherry or the graco cleo myself.. but then again I'm not due until september so have lots of time lol.
    I don't really like the look of the dazzle. I haven't heard much about the graco cleo but I've heard from a lot of people that the icandy is good for lightweight.
  • Hi ladies,
    i have the greco cleo (although baby isnt due till april)
    i love it it looks so comfortable for baby and has a lot of support for babys head when he/she goes in to the pram that faces out..
    i would look on e-bay as shops put them on i saved over ??100 on mine it was from a shop still.
    hope this helps
    emma 30w today xxxxxxxx
  • Hiya, yeah ive seen the icandy cherry its lovely but we opted for the icandy apple, its so easy tom move around and it can transfer into a 4 wheeler or 3 wheeler and you can change it into a pear, like a double buggy xxx
  • We are interested in getting the iCandy cherry. Snowangel on here has the contact details of a dealer who does them for a better price than you would find in the shops too

    Haven't actually tried on out yet as out local John Lewis doesn't get them in till the week after next!

    16 weeks x
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