Help?! Period but BFP!

evening all, 

looking a bit of advice. TTC since last August, miscarried in January 2018 at 6 weeks gone. Back onto the baby dancing since my regular period in February. Periods are regular with a 28 day cycle.My last “real period” was the 24th July. 

So this month, I done the regular pregnancy test 5 days before my expected period on a FRER test and had a BFN, my period arrived the 20th of August. Regular 5 day period, tampons used, heavy bleeding, you know the score. my period then stopped the 25th August. 

Last night (29th) I experienced some random spotting, brown blood. decided To take another test this morning and it’s come back with a BFP. 🤷‍♀️ Spotting is still continuing today but is still brown and theres no pain involved. 

my last miscarriage went similar until bleeding Became more heavier. 

unfortunately i do feel that this will end up to be another miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy possibly? 

not booked a drs appointment yet as last time it sorted It’s self out for want of a better term. Obviously I will go if things get painful or out of control. 

ill Probably give it a few weeks, see what happens and re-test. I just don’t want to get excited 😞 

Has anyone Had any similar experiences and gone onto full term?  


  • Ps - I’ll keep this updated for anyone who may come across it and is in the same situation. 

  • imageFYI, this is my test from this morning. It’s not even faint which has made me question everything!

  • *Edit to the first post*

    i did go to the hospital with my first miscarriage. My body dealt with the rest. 

  • Some women still have periods when pregnant that looks a very positive test of you’re concerned see your gp they may send you for an early scan due to previous miscarriage fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Thanks mama bear! I think I remember you from the ”due September” thread if I remember rightly!? I was originally due 08/09. Hope things are well with you. X

  • Yes things are well I’m at the end now and want him out 😂

  • Just an update: spotting is still continuing, still brown, no pain or cramps, planning to retest over the weekend depending how it goes. Will post another update then. 🤞🏻

  • How are things going Nella? Fingers crossed for you. Are u planning to test anytime soon? Keep us posted. X

  • Morning chelsea! 

    Spotting has eased off but still there, still brown, no cramps or pain etc. I have been slightly feeling the sicky feeling but I’m convinced it’s my mind playing tricks. 

    planning on testing tomorrow morning with the first wee of the day. Will post results then ☺️ 

  • Good morning Nella, 

    It's crazy how your mind plays tricks on you. Lol. Fingers crossed for you. Lots baby dust!! X

  • Morning all, 

    spotting has pretty much stopped completely. I’ve retested and now I’m even more concerned. Why do I do it to myself?! 

    I believe I ovulated on the 8th of August so to have this come back is slightly disappointing. 


    I don’t believe there’s a possibility that I became pregnant in September, we last done the baby dance on the last day of my period which was the 25th of August and because of on going spotting we haven’t had any since incase anything is irritated. 

    im going to ring the EPU and see if I can self refer, if not then I’ll look to get into the drs tomorrow and go from there.

    I will update you once I know more ☺️ 

  • Good morning Nella, 

    Thank you for updating us. Your cycle seems to be a bit confusing. Best thing is to contact your doctor. Maybe you are just one of those ladies who have periods through their pregnancy? It happens. I think with those digital tests you add another 2 weeks onto it, as the test only measures how much hcg from conception, so really you'll be 4 weeks pregnant, which will roughly take you back to your ovulation date 8 Aug. But saying that, doctors add another 2 weeks before ovulation, which could mean your actually 6 weeks? I'm not sure. All are possibilities. I wouldn't really depend on those first response tests, in my opinion it all depends on when implantation took place for that to work, it takes between 2-4 days to implant, then another few days to give off the hcg. Only a scan would give you proper measurements dates. Good luck to you. Keep us posted. Xx 

  • I’m just as confused as everyone else! 

    I don’t think My dates are all over the place. I had a period in July, 2 weeks later I ovulated and roughly 2 weeks later I had another period. It’s all so confusing despite being regular! 😂 

    phoned EPU and i have to be refered to them. They’re advised to re-test next week and if still positive then to book the drs. 

    On a plus side atleast the spotting has stopped! But then again i could have “gone through it” And HCG is still in my system. 

    back into limbo land! 😂🤦‍♀️ 

  • Another update. Sorry if it’s tmi. I know posts like these can really help someone in the future though. 

    Woke up to a very light bleed this morning. Im wearing pads to bed at the moment just in case, it was enough to soak into a pad and a fresh red spot not much bigger than a 2 pound coin. Spotting has continued since but is brown. Still not had pain/cramps. 

    currently planning to retest Friday. 

    Hmmm, what is going on in there! 

  • Big fat negative this morning. Clearly this one wasn’t meant to be... again 😞 

    will book into the drs and make sure my system is clear and post any updates on what they say here. 

    Thanks for the support all x

  • Hi Nella, 

    Thank you for updating us, must be really hard. So sorry for what has happened. It wasn't meant to be for reasons we don't know about. Be patient. Good luck to you and bucket loads of baby dust to you. Wishing you all the best. X

  • This’ll be my final update I believe. 

    Aunt flow arrived and stopped as normal so I don’t feel the need to visit the drs. 

    putting this one down as a chemical considering I had a “Period” in August. 

    if it Wasn’t for the spotting I wouldn’t have even known. Mother Nature is cruel! 

  • If it helps to reassure anyone in this situation ( as I have been through hell and back looking my baby girl 3 months ago) normally a miscarriage in the first trimester happens because there is a chromazone issue with that baby like T21,T18 or T13. The body knows this isn't right and expells the pregnancy because it knows the baby will be very poorly/disabled  or not survive outside the womb. Now obviously some chromazone pregnancies manage to continue despite all odds against them thats why we have some babies with down syndrome and edwards syndrome but most will have heart and brain structural problems and edwards are unlikey to survive past a year.  Patau syndrome is tye worst amd theu wont survive at all and very very deformed.  got so much info from specialists when I lost my daughter 3 months ago. So what I am saying is,in around 90% of miscarriages  it's normally an issue with the fetus. It's nothing u have done or could of done to stop it. For example we all have 2 chromazones per cell. When the sperm and egg meet they each give the fetus 1 chromazone each. So the new fetus has 2 chromazones per cell.i will use downs syndome as an examole here because On occasion it all goes wrong and either the egg or sperm gives 2 chromazones instead of one this means that the new fetus has 3 chromazones per cell instead of 2. This is T21 downs syndrome. That first stage where the egg and sperm meet and cell divide, it is a really important  difficult tecnical stage of biology and very often doesn't always go to plan and goes wrong. This is why so many women miscarry and they blame themselves but it's just more common than u realise and biology does mess up more than u think. So if there is any light at the end if the tunnel and I know it's hard just know that if the pregnancy had continued and failed to miscarry and spot the issue, then that baby would have been very poorly/disabled. And u may have been faced with a geatvrakibg decision or situation later on. Xx it body has done the kindest thing for u and that fetus in this situation xxx I hope this gives u done reassurance  and u WILL have ur healthy baby just like I hope i will too after everything xxx 

  • Ps sorry about all the spelling typo mistakes. Done my nails tonight and they got in the way lol x

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