Consultant yesterday

I had my consultant yesterday and Im not booked in for a c section next Friday (14th) Im soooo excited but very nervous too. Its so good to know where I'll be giving birth as there has been a lot of uncertainty about it :\) For anyone who has has a section is there anything extra you would reccomend I take in with me?
Amy xxx


  • hiamy,
    is that meant to say you are booked in? its says your not? lol
    is it u that is allegric to the painkillers? what will they give you..?

    i assume u are and am pleased for u! ill be eagerly bouncingon ball to join u as i have sweep on thurs if i have not had him yet! are u ready?

    so exciting!!!
    holly xxx
  • good luck girls image sure it all go well. Amuy try takling something to do while your laydown. relaxing. like a book or if you do craft work some of that. baby will probably sleep lots while your awake so something to do with your hands would be helpful
  • Lol yea I AM booked in lol was ment to say now, guess I was a bit too excited lol
    Im getting a C section for loads of reasons, the baby is big and Im carrying A LOT of fluid! ive been 2 consultants and neither of them think I will be able to have the baby on my own. I'll be having a spinal block which I'll be ok with and then just paracetamol and ibufrofen for pain relief.
    For once Im really not nervous as I know I am in the best hands! I must say my consultant and midwife have been fantastic, I couldn't fault them at all!
    Ive been ready for weeks as I was told at 34 weeks to be ready to be taken in any time, are you all ready Holly? I really hope things happen for you soon.
    Crochetmom thanks for the tip i'll deffo take a book in with me!
    Amy xxxx
  • Oh your sooo lucky!!! I hope all goes well- will keep an eye on the labour and birth forum for your story, I love reading them- just can't wait till I post my own lol
  • Good luck! Am defo booking in for section so I know exactly when little one is born! My best advice is BIG pants! I had an emergency section with 1st son and took in paper pants -wrong for soooo many reasons but they cut right in where section cut went. 2nd son was elective section and took in HUGE pants - much more comfy. Dont panic too much - am sure your oh or friends and family will be bringing in loads of stuff for you and bubba and if you are on a ward remember there are a lot of things to keep you awake - day and night so remember to make the most of the sleep and rest.

    Warn you it is painful but am doing it for a 3rd time so yes it is worth it! Its personal preference but I will be getting out of bed as soon as possible - cant be done with surgical stockings but remember to take it easy - it is classed as a major operation and remember you will not be allowed to drive (if you do) for 6 wks!!!

    Am dead jealous and excited for you! Dont worry bout a thing you will be spoilt for ages xxxxxxxxxx
  • Totally agree with BIG PANT comment made by oldermum69, because I had an emergency section as well and only had normal knickers, this was excrutiating as they lay right across my cut and stitches and because there was alot of swelling they were dead tight as well. MW sent oh out to buy me some large large pants which were so much more comfortable. Gud Luck Kerry xxxxxxx
  • Thanks girls HUGE pants are on the shopping list then! One more question, after you have come back from theatre what did you wear? A nighty or jammies? I was kinda thinking a nighty would probably be better seeing as I will need a cathater? Its all so confusing lol
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