Please help me with Insomnia!

I am 39 weeks gone today and cant remember when I last had a good nights sleep. Last night I was staring at the walls until 2am, dozed off but woke to Pee at 2.45am. Then finally dropped off at 4ish. I have an 11 year old so am up by 7.30am for her!!
My biggest problem I think is Heartburn! I have it all night and it gets sooo painful. I also have ear ache when I lay on my right side so only have the option of my left side which restricts getting comfy (I have seen Dr for Ear but he says it only looks a bit congested and he doesnt want to give me anything while pregnant!!) . And my mind races. Am on Maternity leave and hate all daytime TV, except Smallville which I have become additcted too. I've found that over all the channels there are 5 different episodes on each day. Last night Clark Kent would not bloody get out of my head, lol.
I would love some ideas of how to relax before bed and also techniques for once I'm there to try and distract myself from Heartburn, superman etc.
Please help, I really dont want to go into labour on only 4 hours sleep per night, wierdly during the day I dont feel too tired and cant nap either.


  • try lavender drops on a tissue, inside your pillow case, don't use it directly on you skin, bodyshop do good advice

  • Hi did you not watch paul o grady the other day? (sad i know lol) he had a sleep expert on who was giving advice. here goes....

    1) make sure your room is uncluttered
    2) your sheets are just plain as they help ur brain relax.
    3) have some coco or hot milk before bed
    4) eat a teaspoon of honey
    5) eat some turkey (thats a new one on me lol)
    6) Drops of lavender oil

    I was also told to get some camamile tea bags and put one under your running hot water when your having a bath before bed, i tried this and it knocked me out lol.

    Anyway i hope these help x
  • Hiya, I find that warm milk really helps with heart burn and I don't need to take anything else, and it also helps get you off to sleep having it before bed. If you can't stomach warm milk you could try a milky ovaltine or something, then you will be killing two birds with one stone!! Also try reading as this always makes me tired, and if you can't sleep it will take your mind off of it as laying there thinking about not getting to sleep can make it even harder to nod off!
    You could also try a nice long walk in the day if the weathers nice , that always knocks me out at night, plus it could help with labour.

    Hope this helps a bit hun, I know how horrible insomnia can be!!

    Faith 26+4xxxxxxx
  • Thank you! I drank a lovely (!) glass of hot milk before bed (advice to anyone who does this, make sure you remove the skin which forms on it before you drink it else it will flop all down your chin, nice!), took 4 gaviscon tablets and had a lovely warm bath, no washing just layed there for about 15 mins.
    I felt a lot more relaxed and fell asleep really quick. Did still wake up to pea 3 times but got back to sleep fairly quick.
    I'm feeling really positive today and am going to have the same routine tonight.
    As far as the earache goes I've checked on the internet and it says ear drops are perfectly safe in pregnancy so am going back to Drs today for another try. Fingers crossed!!
  • Oh good, I'm really glad you managed to get some sleep hun, it's now you need it most just before baby comes!! Good luck with the routine and let us all know when baby arrives!
  • Hey
    Glad this has been posted , i feel exactly the same, just cant get comfy in nights and bump is really heavy and suffering painfull heartburn.and cant sleep in the day. im gonna follow your routine tonight hopefully it will work, coz im fed up of not sleeping and watching jeremy kyle lol

    Donna 38+3
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