Low lying placenta???

Had my scan yesterday - and the little one, was very active!!

All went well, he/she even scrunched his little fist up at one point, as if to say Grrrrrrr buggar off and leave me alone ( sonographer was moving her/him around a lot so she could pick up all the measurements she needed too!! )

Feels more real now!!! Actually could see him/her moving on the screen, and could feel it at the same time!

Was quite emotional!!!!

Only small point was that they said I had a low lying placenta and may need a c section if it doesn't move.....go to go back at 35 weeks for another scan.........hopefully all will be ok though... has anybody had the same???

Can't wait until the 2nd April now until my 4D scan!!!:lol::lol:

Sam x 20 + 3


  • Hiya,

    I was told that I had a low lying placenta at my 20 week scan as well and I have got another scan at 34 weeks to see if its moved.

    When I spoke to my midwife about it - as I really dont want a c-section!! - she said its quite common that its low lying at 20 weeks and more often than not as the womb grows and moves up the placenta moves up with it and out of the way of the cervix.

    Hope this helps and heres hoping they have moved moved by our next scans!


  • Hiya....

    I'm in exactly the same boat too.....

    Went for my scan at 21+ weeks and have to go back at 34 weeks to see if it has moved. Had a few bleeds which they say might be the uterus trying to pull the placenta up to where it should be so hopefully it will have moved when i go back.

    Keep me posted ladies....

    Katie and bambino
    24+4.x x x
  • Hi Sam - I'm due on the 2nd April so can't wait for it either!!!! Roll on the 2nd April!!! lol, really glad your scan went well, xxx
  • I had a low lying placenta on scans at 20 and 23 weeks - however I was scanned again at 28 weeks because of some bleeding and it had moved!!! I had been quite worried about it but in the end it did move (and think this happens in many cases).

  • Ahh thanks for replies ladies ( sorry for delay been away with work )

    No point worrying about it is there, as there is nothing we can do, just cross our fingers!

    I have had a look on the net and it said it's quite common (20% ) at the 20 week scan - and only 5% remain, so lets hope we are all in the 15%!!!

    Sam xx
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