Antibiotics, the pill and pregnancy?

Has anyone known anyone who has been on the pill and antibiotics and conceived by accident?
My sis-in-law was over yesterday and has been taking Amoxicillin for a water infection that she had last weekend. I'm a nurse so told her to be careful if her and my db have had any hows your father over the past week as she is on Yasmin bc. She looked at me like I was stupid saying she had and had never heard of that being a problem before!! She isn't on my already has dd and ds under 4 yrs of age...and doesn't want anymore! I think I have scared her as now she keeps texting me asking the probability of her getting preggers...!! I don't know anyone this has actually happened too hence this question. I have researched the net and the opinion is divided on whether anti-b's affect bc pills. I thought everyone knew that you should be extra careful when on anti-b's and bc pills. :\?


  • I'm with you on this one pinkpig. I'm not sure why though, I just know that ant-b's affect the pill! The doctor always used to say it and i'm sure it says it on the information leaflet that you get in the pack of pills.

    Sorry i'm not much help as i don't know why it affects it but it does! xxxx
  • i was on the pill (cilest) and got a chest infection doctor prescribed me with antibiotics. a month later AF never came and im now 11 weeks pregnant. So yes this can happen

  • Hey ladies thanks for the reply s!
    Laura, were you shocked or happy? Think sis-in-law needs to listen to her doctor a little more and read info leaflets....we all call her dippy dora as she is always the last one to get a joke...reminds me of that blond one in the 'vicar of dibbley!!' I have text her and told her to get to her Dr tomorrow morning as even the morning after pill would be too late.
  • i was really shocked as im half way through my university course and it wasnt meant to happen yet. really happy bout it now tho.
    OH was worse he even phoned the helpline on pill box to complain that they didnt work he is only just getting used to now
  • oh laura, thats poor OH!! Thats just the type of thing my OH would do!! I'm sure your chap will get use everything soon. I think things like this are meant to be. Things will work out for the best, try finish your course over time and do as much as you can before the LO is born. Then you will get a good job in the future aswell as being a top mum. I have read alot on the net trying to help sis-in-law with info on the anti-b's subject. It is very divided, some doctors say that is very rare as only two types of these tablets interfere with the pill....and are rarely prescribed. However, I have read lots of stories about women who have conceived in this way. xxxx
  • My friend got pregnant while on pill and antibiotics but she decided not to keep it because the dad wasnt exactly erm, reliable! Felt really bad for her at the time.
  • Yes this happened to my mum when she fell pregnant with me 21years ago and happened to me with my first son whos 16mths old. I didnt even think about anti-biotics and wasn't warned either. Kerry xxx
  • omg this has happened to a few of you then....xx
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