Help just started bleeding!! UPDATE

Popped to toilet and when i wiped fresh red blood! with the cramps as well, should i expect another mc?
Oh no i spoke too soon about a bfp.
Filo x

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  • Try not to panic hun, it may be impantation bleeding or just some early spotting. I bled twice (both times my AF would have been due) in my first two months which scared the hell out of me, but had an early scan and am now nearly 18 weeks and everything is fine. Don't really know what to suggest, I went to my docs the day after it happened for a scan refferal but you could always contact your early pregnany unit tonight for advice. thinking of you..take care.xx
  • Go to A&E hun...I had 2 bleeds, one early on in pregnancy and went straight to A&E. They were very understanding and I had a scan etc.... If you're anything like me you will be worrying all night and getting stressed out which is not good for you or baby.

    Sending you lots of sticky dust and huge positive thoughts.

    Katie.x x x
  • Definitely get it checked out. even though i've had a rubbish week i did feel better to know that it was being investigated. take care and good luck
  • but they won't scan before 6 weeks at a&e as theres nothing to see. Its stopped now, was just spotting i think. Af is due today and tested positive yesterday. Cramps have died down a bit (am bit constipated, sorry if tmi).
    Filo x
  • I'm sure everything is fine. I had bright red spotting at about 6 weeks and about 8 weeks both this time and when I was pregnant with Millie. It scared the life out of me both times and I couldn't relax properly untill I had had my 20 week scan. I had a very early mc before I got pregnant with Millie and I think that once that has happened you worry even more about every thing. Take care,
  • Don't worry filobabe, tho I know how impossible that is. It could be implantation or just break through bleeding, I had this until 11 weeks, like a brown discharge, however I did sometimes get red blood so it isn't unusual by far. If it is just spotting then it is probably not an mc. I would ring your GP and ask if you can have an early scan at 6 or 7 weeks just for some reassurance. I had my scan at 6+5 and it helped a lot to know my little egg was viable. xxx
  • Filo - how are things today? My bleeding was bright red as well - only spotting.

    Got everything crossed for you hon. Let us know how you are today.
  • no bleedin after that one time, mostly spotting. Wiped this am and very small pink amount. Cramps have gone(sorry tmi but probably bowels), just a weird sort of dull awareness down there.
    Am planning to call dr in a mo and have a friend at practice whos a midwife so may see if shes in today.
    Filo x
  • Just wanted to say I hope it all ends up being ok Filo,
    keeping everything crossed for you and sending sticky baby dust.
    Leanne x
  • sorry ladies but the bleeding is heavier now and have resigned myself to a v. early miscarriage. Dr and midwife friend have said hang on and test next week and if still + will do a scan then.
    Thought it was too good to be true. Cry
    Filo x
  • So sorry hun, I have had my fingers crossed for you all day.
    Kerry xx
  • hello, new to this.
    sorry to jump in late but just to say i bled lots at the begginning too, but all turned out ok.
    Hope your ok and just try to relax, i know its not much help but to let you know im thinking of you.

  • Oh darling, I'm so sorry. Keeping you close in my thoughtsxxxx
  • Filo :cry:
    Oh god it's so unfair. You so deserve to have something go right for a change.
    I'm keeping everything crossed for you babe. :cry: x
  • what is considered light bleeding? keep reading and it varies, have not filled a pad yet since this am but it feels heavier.
    Filo x
  • I would count that as light. Do you still have any cramps or have they gone? I really hope this all turns out to be ok for you.
  • Filo! Dont give up yet! I had an implantation bleed at 4 weeks it must have lasted 4 or 5 days and although it was mostly like the start/ end of a period a few times it was red and fresh when I wiped. Id say the total ammount would have filled 2 pads MAX. So I would say yours is still light xx
  • bleeding not as bad today and no cramps.
    Test inconclusive, not sure if was a faint line or not.
    Filo x
  • Please keep strong!

    I know its hard, i had slight bleeding when I was approx 6 wks and I know it frightened the life out of me! Have you got an early pregnancy unit at your local hospital? I was sent to one and they did blood tests and a scan.

    I really really am hoping all works out well for you babe

    Love Lee
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