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anyone had early scan and had one heartbeat, and later 2?

hi i ask this as im so paranoid because im getting bigger already and im only around 10 weeks, whereas with my first i didnt show anything atall til at least 5 months!! we have had an early scan at 7 weeks which showed a heartbeat, but wondered if it was possibe there could be 2 in there???or am i just getting fat???image


  • I had 2 early scans at 6 weeks and 9 weeks due to bleeding. (Sadly it meant I missed out on my 12 week scan :cry: ). There was definitely only one in there both times, and I'm no bigger so I'm guessing there's 1.

    Apparently u look bigger with your second baby as your muscles aren't as tight. I've heard some women on here saying they look big at 7 weeks so I'm sure it's totally normal, and not necessarily twins!

  • don't worry about it too much i started showing from 8 weeks whole shape changed and boobs went huge!! things slowed down a bit however i'm now 24+5 and have a pretty big bump which i'm so proud to show off!!

    x x
  • you could be getting bloating, I had bloating early on making me look like i was already showing at about 9-10 weeks. I had also gone up two cup sizes by the time i was about 14 weeks. But boobs haven't grown since them, and belly is just starting to look like a baby belly at just passed 24 weeks.
  • i had an early scan at 6weeks due to bleeding. i was also big at the beginning but the rate of growth slowed down later. there was only one heartbeat but two sacks. was called back two weeks later for another scan and the second sack(the 1 without the heartbeat had disappeared). never found out what it was. Possibly a haemotoma that had bled out???? or maybe one had miscarried. will neva know but i have one halthy 14week old baby now.
  • hi thanks everyone, i know i was prob just being silly, but me (and hubby!) just enjoying my new big boobs (normally an A cup)...that didnt happen last time either..i guess its just reassuring if i am getting bigger that thinks should be ok, only 2 weeks til 12wk scan now woohoo!!
  • Hi hun, I had the same thing with my second baby. At 10 weeks even the midwife was convinced I was having twins, coz I was so big and 'palpating'. The scan confirmed it was only one!! I think everythings a bit more stretched with the second one as with the first I was bearly showing until 6 months! hope this puts your mind at rest. x x x
  • My belly is huge already and I'm only 13 weeks! But only had my daughter in April and apparently when you have your second your muscles are still slack so can't hold it all in as well!

    I think they probably would have seen if you were having twins but you'll defo find out at 12 weeks scan- good luck!

  • Hi Lauragcam

    I had an early scan due to too much discharge (two previous m/c) and saw one healthy heartbeat. Went back for 12 week dating scan and.......there were two!!!!!!! I am having indentical twins. I agree with the other posts that the second baby does show a lot quicker as your muscles are already stretched, but it did happen to me!!! xxxx
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