Stomach Pains!!


Last night, my little boy wasnt very well and when i picked him out of bed, i pulled a muscle in my stomach. I've been in agony all day today and keep getting tightnings. they quite uncomfortable and very irregular.

I did this about two weeks ago aswell and the same thing happened but the tightnings stopped after a while. They have gone on way longer this time.

Does anyone know if this is a normal reaction? i never experienced any thing like this in my first pregnancy!

Thanks for reading

Heather 30+1


  • hi heather,

    as far as i know muscles can take longer to heal when pregnant so maybe that's why it seemed to have lasted so long.

    no real experience of it myself though - you should maybe mention it to your m/w? i'm sure its nothing to worry about.
  • Turns out i have a very irritable womb. I've been in hospital since saturday having tablets to stop contractions and steroid injections for the baby's lungs. I'm home now (monday) and still the same. I think my baby may want to be out, i'm only 30 weeks.

    Has anyone else been in this situation before?

    Heather x x
  • hi hevma ive been having similar pains. mainly come when i move too quickly or pick something up, turn around etc. thought it was ligament pain but went to hospital to double check as it hadnt gone away for a week or so. my urine was fine, baby was moving loads, no blood or anything so had an internal examination and everything fine, they were checking if i was coming early. been told to just rest, got m/w tomorrow so gonna see what she says but had a pretty hectic week so gonna put it down to that
    cattarac 31+4
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