what would you do?

Hi girls

I have been offered a day ticket to reading festival, would you go? or do you think its too risky? i will be nearly 30 weeks x


  • ive never been to a fesitval really, so couldnt advise. are you worried about the crowds?
  • I think as long as you don't launch yourself into a mosh pit you'll be ok! Just be prepared and make sure you have loads of water etc and maybe a picnic chair in case you get tired?
  • Definitely go. Just keep out of the way of any massive groups of densely crowded people, make sure you know where the loos are, take a water spray and keep drinking lots of H20! You will be fine, and just think of the education baby is getting in good music already!
  • I went to Glastonbury at 6months pregnant with my second and with a 16month old with us too. I wouldn't recommend crowd surfing and if anything like my little one he/she will be kicking like crazy throughout the entire event.
    Go and enjoy.
    Jo xxx
  • I would go. I went to an all day gig at 29 weeks. I was able to sit down on the ground for part of the time, fortunately it was dry, but we did also bring a camping chair with us too. You will know yourself if you want to go for a wander, stand at the edge etc and I'm sure that you'll generally just be sensible. x
  • I'd def go! Maybe avoid the mosh pits though! image
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